• Verse Matthew 15.16 
    Verse Matthew 15.16 
    Have you encountered a situation where a teacher asked a question and expected an 'answer from you' but failed to give out the correct answer? Don't worry, it happens to almost everyone. You may or may not be good at a subject or topic but that won't guarantee that you'll always have your answers ma ...
    • Jayce Daly
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    • Verse Matthew 17.17 After Six Days J
      Verse Matthew 17.17 After Six Days J
      Do you have mutual friends that you go out with on parties, or other important ceremonies? It's obvious that almost everyone has a friend who even if 'you don't trust that much', you'll still care a lot for them. There's 'the need to have friends around you' at wherever you'll find yourself whether ...
      • Cecily Hall
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      • Verse Matthew 26.3 Then The Chief Pr
        Verse Matthew 26.3 Then The Chief Pr
        It's obvious that in life you'll go through trials though which some will even judge 'you' in a wrong way just to make sure you've encountered a disgrace. There are people around 'us who are always waiting for us'to draw close to their traps so that we'll fall into them and become their slaves. Whil ...
        • Braulio Tucker
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        • Verse Matthew 1.11 and Josiah The F
          Verse Matthew 1.11 and Josiah The F
          Matthew begins with the children and parents of people from whom Jesus came from. There were several people who were not recognized as popular but since Jesus Christ came from their generation, they're now recognized too. That's how life may be in several occasions, so don't discourage on others. In ...
          • Nikola Dixon
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          • Verse Matthew 10.4 Simon The Zealot
            Verse Matthew 10.4 Simon The Zealot
            Have you been in a situation that even a friend wasn't willing to help you out because they think "they can't since they've been given money to cause those troubles you're going through"? This is what happened to Jesus. Among the difficult challenges that may come your way, one that may hurt so much ...
            • Briar Ware
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            • Verse Revelation 15.4 Who Will Not Fear
              Verse Revelation 15.4 Who Will Not Fear
              Revelation chapter 15 verse 4 is one interesting scripture that admonishes Christians to fear God and also gives a valid reason why that must be so. The scriptures go on to ask who will not fear Jehovah and glorify God's name, with the reason that God is loyal. What does it mean to fear Jehovah? How ...
              • Billy Jaramillo
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              • Verse Psalm 6.9 The Lord Has Hear
                Verse Psalm 6.9 The Lord Has Hear
                These words were spoken by David as part of a prayer to the Lord. It was a cry for help, begging the Lord to look upon him with mercy. David was worn out and required strength from the Lord. His soul was weary and deeply troubled. David thought that the Lord was angry at him and was constantly wonde ...
                • Pearl Mccray
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                • Verse Matthew 10.26 
                  Verse Matthew 10.26 
                  Have you experienced a situation where 'you were busily searching for something but couldn't find it'? This happens to almost everyone. It's certain that people would want to have a happy life full of good events only, but does this hold always? That can't be. Life is full of ups and downs which 'yo ...
                  • Cecily Odell
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