NIV 1 Chronicles 12.21

Verse 1 Chronicles 12.21

21 They helped David against raiding bands, for all of them were brave warriors, and they were commanders in his army.

Verse 1 Chronicles 12.21 They Helped Davi

William Walsh opinion on Verse 1 Chronicles 12.21 They Helped Davi

This verse shows how David and his men went out to fight the evil men out against the lord. The bad men had been sent to harm the people of Israel. David had his best soldiers and was not afraid for the shield of the Lord was with him and his men and he embraced it.They were brave men and fearless. He trusted his men and they in turn trusted him so they were selected to fight alongside him. It was known in the days of old that David was close to Gods heart and he was free to service God. His sins were not many except for when he took the wife of his soldier ad impregnated her.

In as much as the people of Israel were peace loving people they will not allow their rights be trampled upon.They showed strength and courage by going out i arms and taking their enemies head on .The word of God and his strong spirit was with them therefore they were fearless. There were a lot of raiders in the days of old who stole and looted the people. David was very strong and each of his soldiers were too so he had no fear.

They went across the country in their chariots helping his nation and protecting sheep herdsmen to be safe. This verse seeks to instill confidence in the heart of man that God is with us and will let no harm to come to us as long as we trust and obey him. Lamb of God which was what was used to anoint David and bring him unto the seat of power is very powerful.

It was what led the Israelis from Egypt and continued to lead them in their own land. The chosen ones as they were known were really fortunate with honey and milk. Grapes and everything they could ask for was provided for by Jesus's blood. Incidentally the band of men who went with David were very trusted people with whom David could vouch his life on in dire times

Grace from God can make us like this band of men and the great type of he grace of God can make us snarling hyenas, so that,wherever we are, we can hold our own. Rather than hold only on the Lord’s truth, and never blush nor be ashamed to speak a good word for him at all times. He can make us quick and active too, so that we shall be like the goats upon the mountains.

These band of commanders likewise furnish us with a noble example of strong devotion. When the group of men were determined to join David, they were living the other side of a deep river. Judging from carbon dating predictions that season of the year the river had overflowed its banks, so that it was extremely deep and broad. But they were not to be kept from joining David, when he wanted them. They swam through the river to the chosen one selected purposely to lead them on to victory against their enemies.

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