NIV 1 Chronicles 13.8

Verse 1 Chronicles 13.8

8 David and all the Israelites were celebrating with all their might before God, with songs and with harps, lyres, timbrels, cymbals and trumpets.

Verse 1 Chronicles 13.8 David And All The

Analise Shaffer opinion on Verse 1 Chronicles 13.8 David And All The

The Ark of Covenant had been in Abinadab's house and now it was time to move it out to Jerusalem. David and His people were celebrating since they were moving the covenant box to the centre of worship as a way of honouring God. Praising the Lord is a way of expressing gratitude when His presence is with His people. The Levites performed priestly duties in ancient Israelite worship as God had chosen them. When God gives His people a chance to worship Him through songs, they ought to do it in a joyous manner.

During the celebration mode, the Ark of Covenant tripped and Uzzah reached for it. When Uzzah touched it, God struck him he dead. Having a sinful heart while trying to save God's work may lead to destruction.May be what led to Uzzah being killed was the sinful state of his heart. God is holy and does not tolerate sin in His presence. Before reaching out to do evangelistic work, people should consider God's approval. When celebrating God and His works, believers ought to do it with understanding to avoid God's wrath falling upon them and destroying them.

Celebration with aid of musical instruments has always formed part of Christian worship. A believer skilled in playing of musical instruments should assist during song service to ensure it's successful. God's spirit should lead believers in God's work to prevent God's anger from striking them in God's presence. David is known for his love for musical instrument, specifically the harp that He played for God's glory during his life as a young boy.

Son of Jesse, David is portrayed as someone who had knowledge of God's sovereignty and he believed in worship of Yahweh. Since he was well aware of God's authority, he worshipped in a way that touched God. David's love for God made him celebrate with might for God and also look for a better place of keeping the Ark of Covenant. Despite of looking for a place for keeping the Ark of Covenant, David ensured that his subjects also obeyed and worshipped God. Leaders should lead their subjects to God through unity in worship and people to choose God fearing leaders.

At the place where the Ark of Covenant was kept, the person living there experienced God's goodness. The presence of God around a person always comes with the feeling of God's abundant provision. His presence makes believers whole again as they have a place to take their problems and their burdens lifted and they find relief. Those who know God's goodness will always live to give Him glory despite the condition they are in.

Believers should acknowledge God's presence and accord Him the respect He deserves. People should not be clumsy in doing God's work and they should only help when the spirit of God allows them to do that. It takes God's guidance and faith to do what the Israelites and David did by moving of the Ark of Covenant. The joy of God was David's strength that is why he celebrated in might.

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