NIV 1 Chronicles 18.13

Verse 1 Chronicles 18.13

13 He put garrisons in Edom, and all the Edomites became subject to David. The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.

Verse 1 Chronicles 18.13 He Put Garrisons

Kenzo Kimble opinion on Verse 1 Chronicles 18.13 He Put Garrisons

The verse interprets that when the lord is with an individual surely everything goes well. God cannot disappoint anyone who truly believes and serves Him in truth. A person who relies on God and fears Him will always prosper in everything he does. The Lord is good enough and his steadfast love endures forever to His people.

A good leader should entirely depend on God for him to rule wisely. Rulers who trust in the Lord and serve Him will do great things through the power of God. In terms of decision making always will be able to make the right decisions. Also, it is ensured by God through the holy spirit and the subjects will benefit a lot from this ruler. This leader will be able to make good plans about his people and the area he rules. A leader who is controlled by God simply works out things as they are supposed to be done.

God will enable the ruler to overcome all his enemies, as a ruler one is entitled to have many enemies who plan evil things to overthrow him so as to take charge. Jesus is more powerful than all enemies and will never allow a ruler who depends on Him to be defeated. The ruler is able to defeat all his enemies and make them his servants through God's power. God can never forsake him any day of his life as long as he is faithful and obedient to Him.

Conflicts may also arise in the territory where a leader rules. The cases will be brought to him to solve. All his subjects will be there to see how the cases will be solved and this requires the intervention from God. Through God, the leader can be able to make a right and fair judgment and this will be appreciated by many of his subjects. God truly will intervene and the leader is able to make the right judgments. No case in the community that can defeat the leader who serves God in truth.

Leaders who depend on God in everything they plan to do will always succeed. In addition, the leaders should be able to recognize when they make mistakes and ask for forgiveness from Yahweh. They should be able to go before the Lord when they sin and sincerely repent so as to be forgiveness. God loves leaders who humble themselves and will be able to bless them abundantly in their leadership. He will be there for them anytime they are in danger and rescue them. Human beings have a weakness to commit sins, leaders being human similarly can make mistakes. This is why God is willing to forgive people for their sins.

The people that are served by a righteous governor will be loyal to him and obedient to him. God will work out things to seem easy to that ruler. His ruling will be long and lasting since the people will be happy with him through God the father. God will make everything be obedient to that leader, in anything he tries to do will succeed. The neighboring communities who will try to fight his territory will be defeated. God will assist him to defeat all his competitors and become a conqueror at long last. These communities will be made to submit to him due to the power of God.

A Good fearing ruler will be remembered forever in the generations to come. His name will be in that community and even outside his territory forever and ever. The people will live to remember his good deeds and good leadership even if he dies. Leaders like King David were God-fearing and ruled for the longest period, his name has always been remembered up to now.

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