NIV 1 Chronicles 19.12

Verse 1 Chronicles 19.12

12 Joab said, "If the Arameans are too strong for me, then you are to rescue me; but if the Ammonites are too strong for you, then I will rescue you.

Verse 1 Chronicles 19.12 Joab Said,

Aiden Xiong opinion on Verse 1 Chronicles 19.12 Joab Said,

Joab is given a view of, it is believe to be, the future, while also describing the state of Ammonites. The verse shows , that particular verse would be taken to mean that Jerusalem. It is in a very sinful place, as it was in the habit of doing ever since the political system of Judges came. This is not to be misconstrued as the Judges fault: at that time, the Hebrew people would give up on God as soon as a judge was dead and they didn't feel accountable.

God was sending Joab to talk to the people's of Israel as they had turned against God and that is why the Joab is saying that whoever will hear the word if the Lord it's ok. Then those that will not hear then are rebellious people therefore with these words. God is saying that we should not choose what to do rather we should obey his oders. Especially the verse is saying that Christians should listen to their leaders as them are God sent people. Lord is saying that that he's there with all this that are serving him. And will not spare people that do not listen to his words. That is why Lord is calling them rebellious for not obeying what God commands them to do.

Lord is saying that the rebellious are those who will refuse to here his words. As Christians God want us to listen to him as he will listen to us when we need him. God seems to be angry with our commitment of sin that is why God is asking Joab to go and talk with Lord people. Then Joab is being given direction by God in what to them the Israelites whom their ways were not pleasing God

In this verse we see that God is not happy with the people that are taking these words for advantage. God want us to follow all what the bible says it's good thefore the verse is for the people that are sinning. The Lord is giving you a chance to repent your sins as he's not happy with bad characters. That is why Lord will send those in authority to go and talk to their juniors so that they may know that Lord is not happy with rebellious.

The bible says that people who refuse to listen to God that are rebellious. And God will not protect them unless they change their begaviors by turning to Gid. Asking for him to girguve their sins since he's a merciful God that will always give people's a second chance to repent. Then to all Ammonites the verse tell us to be careful while we are sent by God as he'll always give us direction to follow. God give his people's word to talk so the verse tell us that teaching is always from God. Ammonites are just given words that then is later preached to his followers. With these then the verse tell us to always listen while being preached for as it's the Lord who is always talking to us.

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