NIV 1 Chronicles 22.17

Verse 1 Chronicles 22.17

18 He said to them, "Is not the Lord your God with you? And has he not granted you rest on every side? For he has given the inhabitants of the land into my hands, and the land is subject to the Lord and to his people.

Verse 1 Chronicles 22.18 He Said To Them,

Mae Yang opinion on Verse 1 Chronicles 22.18 He Said To Them,

The book of 1 Chronicles chapter 22 explained the effort King David and his son, Solomon exerted in the preparation for building the Lord's place of worship. Initially, it was David who wanted to build the house of the God, but was commanded not to do so because he had fought many battles and in the process, shed a lot of blood. Verse 18 of the chapter was like an admonition to the Israelites leaders by King David. He was pleading with them to render support to his son as he was young and had little experience. It was evident that assuming David had the opportunity to build the temple, he was going to perform excellently. Fortunately, Solomon also loved the Lord during his time, this made him spend his time, energy and resources on building of the temple.

Three moral lessons can be gained from the text of reference which every believer must take into consideration because it will be useful for them. The first moral lesson is that, apart from the fact that David was still alive and was the King of Israel during that period, he acknowledged that his son needed help. He had to humbly plead with the leaders not to abandon his Son because the plan to build the temple may not be a success if he did it alone. Most Christians have the mentality that they don't need the assistance of anyone and their relationship with people doesn't matter as long as they know God. This is a very wrong thinking because no man is a island of himself. God created everyone with different gifts and talents in order to help one another, this depicts that King David was indeed a wise man during his time.

Another lesson from the passage can be found in 1 Chronicles chapter 18, the text of reference, which states the Creator was with the Children of Israel and had given them peace on all sides. This simply means that, whenever the Almighty is with a person or a Nation, there will be peace, but when He is not, problems and wars are inevitable. Every believer should try their best to maintain a good relationship with their Creator. Sin destroys the positive outcome that comes with obedience to God's word. It is important to cling to the way of righteousness in order to enjoy peace from above.

Lastly, the text also revealed what happens to people who genuinely get involved in the work of God without considering the cost. It is general knowledge for people who have studied the life of David through the scriptures that, he really loved the Almighty God and was ready to sacrifice anything he had to prove his love. Solomon emulated the behavior of his father by doing what pleases the Lord even before becoming King and was given wisdom from above when he went to sacrifice burnt offerings to God. All Christians must actively engage in working and serving the Maker of heaven and earth, it always comes with great reward. These are majorly what this verse of this scriptures is all about.

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