NIV 1 Chronicles 26.12

Verse 1 Chronicles 26.12

12 These divisions of the gatekeepers, through their leaders, had duties for ministering in the temple of the Lord, just as their relatives had.

Verse 1 Chronicles 26.12 These Divisions

Carys Donahue opinion on Verse 1 Chronicles 26.12 These Divisions

This verse is about division of labor amongst the followers of Christ and in the church. In a situation where there are many believers in a place it is good that the work of the church be shared. This is because the work of God requires a lot of commitment and undiluted dedication which is oftentimes too much to be handled by just one person. Division of labor is necessary in order to ensure that the church of God continues to prosper. In the book of first Chronicles chapter twenty-six, verse twelve, the divisions and appointments that were made by the people are highlighted.

As a true lover of God you are under an obligation to make yourself available for holy appointments that would benefit the people of God. When the Lord requires your service you need to drop all your doubts and pick up the job. It is a great honor to be appointed as a minister in the house of the Lord. If you are blessed with this position you must make sure you carry out your duty to the best of your ability. God rewards obedience and hard work, as a minister in God's sanctuary you need to exhibit these attributes so that the favor of the Lord would be upon you.

In the church, there must be those who are in charge of preaching the gospel, those who evangelise, who pray for the church and even people who maintain good sanitation in the premises. These are all important posts and no one can do without the other, so it is necessary that they all work together. The ministers must minister to the congregation with love and dedication, the same for the evangelists and church workers. As a good Christian you need to realize that these positions are equally important so whichever one you find yourself in you must put in your best.

God is good, he is merciful and kind, he will surely come to your aid when you need his help. So, there is no reason for you to not face the challenges of your sacred duty head-on. You must remember to respect your fellow minister, regardless of the portfolio they hold. When you respect others you will receive respect in return because of your good attitude. Another point to note from this verse is that as a minister in the vineyard of the Lord you have to support the other ministers whichever way you can.

When you put in effort for the sake of the progress of the church God will meet you at the very point of your need, and bless you abundantly. You need to recognize that it is honorable to be a worker in God's house and you must take that holy assignment seriously. God loves a worshipper who serves him in spirit and in truth, such a person pleases him greatly. While you serve in the house of the good God it is necessary that you know that the work you are doing is not for your benefit alone, but for the good of the church.

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