NIV 1 Kings 14.7

Verse 1 Kings 14.7

7 Go, tell Jeroboam that this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘I raised you up from among the people and appointed you ruler over my people Israel.

Verse 1 Kings 14.7 Go, Tell Jeroboam

Korben Peacock opinion on Verse 1 Kings 14.7 Go, Tell Jeroboam

Many instances point to the fact that God is not a man, and He is not flesh, so He cannot be limited in space and time. God bears the name Omnipresent which means the One who is present everywhere at every time, and also the name Omniscient which means the One who knows all things. Man can think of deceiving Him, but he will find out that there is no how he is going to be successful with it, no matter how hard he tries. The whole essence of existence depends on Him, all being created by God, and His Knowledge exceeds human understanding, so it is no possible for anything to happen without him knowing about it. You will see that man has always deceived his fellow man, so that he can exploit him and use him as a means to an end.

The king of Israel found himself in a situation where by he thought that he could have his way at anytime, using his mortal mind, but God cut off his plans. Jeroboam was never in line with God's will, despite receiving the Mercy and Grace of God at every point of his reign. The king started his rulership well, though he was not very keen on the worship of God throughout the land, but he had God at his back. Then, at a point in time, he lost the backing and confidence in God when he began to go out of line, and he was a subject of scorn and disgrace before God. The book of 1 Kings chapter 14 shows how God dealt with his folly when he decided to disguise his wife before Ahijah, the prophet and she brought along with her different gifts.

Jeroboam was convinced that the prophet would prophesy good to his sick child, so that the child could be healed and alive because of two reasons. He thought that since Ahijah had told him that he would become the king, he would again speak miracles to the ill child of the king. God knew his plans and informed the prophet that the wife of Jeroboam was on her way, on the instruction of her husband, to inquire of the child's fate. The Bible records that Ahijah was blind and did not see well because of his old age, but he heard God clearly and learnt of the scheme of the king. You should learn a lesson here in the life of the king, that God will reward man for all his actions and dispositions to Him, whether it is of embrace or rejection.

When the wife of the king knocked on the door of the prophet's house, the prophet called on her as who she was despite all her disguise because God had spoken to him. This same Jeroboam stretched his hands in chapter 13 against a man of God so that he could strike him for the reason of the prophecy that God would raise another leader from David's house. God told them that the child would not survive the illness, and his death was sure, this was to serve as punishment for the king from God.

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