NIV 1 Kings 20.8

Verse 1 Kings 20.8

8 The elders and the people all answered, "Don’t listen to him or agree to his demands."

Verse 1 Kings 20.8 The Elders And Th

Edith Robison opinion on Verse 1 Kings 20.8 The Elders And Th

In the life of the world there are two kinds of temptations that are satanic and those that come from God who is the creator of heaven and earth. The Holy Scriptures of the Lord, speak of the voices of people who try to command others with innocent hearts who aim to worship and want to follow His holy word. These people, whose numbers are greater than those who influence them, use the power of their words to change the system that exists in the minds of their fellow human beings. This mistake can lead to eternal life because one uses one's position to destroy others psychologically by destroying their strong spiritual stance. Misleading others is one of the most unacceptable acts in the eyes of your Creator as it causes a large group to wander in the wilderness where there is no water. Respect for others includes recognizing that everyone has the right to follow and practice what he or she desires in a timely manner according to himself or herself.

Actually, when people see that they are in the wrong place, especially when they are with the devil, the chief executor of sin, then they persuade others to do the same. Persuasive language and intricate speech are used to carry out the attack, which is a severe rebuke to the Lord's followers who love Him and live in the eternal truth. The devil's tongue has no bones at all and in fact this is a great weapon used to destroy the plans of many elect by telling them that they should not go the right way. Normally, the joy of this evil dragon has been to see the nation of the one seated on the throne disappear due to a lack of accurate knowledge which is always the key.

Anyone who believes in the true Jesus can find himself in a situation similar to that of these faithful servants of God, who were subjected to verbal and physical trials. Those who fail to follow the spirit of truth and refuse to believe the word of righteousness belong to the saint who created the mountains and valleys will then be captured. Faith is some times passed through a period of trial like this with the aim of being promoted and made firm and that will give you eternal life.

Use a large, hard cotton, to cover your ears so that you can embarrass the devil and his army when he tries to lose you the way you turned your eyes from the beginning. The Lord of heaven will be your great power in this place and will speak to you words that bring understanding and expand the scope of attention in your soul. Failure to adhere to these principles, which are the foundations of the world's foundations and to the success of various generations, has a detrimental effect on you. There will be no more excuses for these chronic mistakes of using your voice to incite violence or demonic tendencies toward faithful servants of the Lord. Your sentence will be greater than you think and everything you do will be a factor in your demise until you can be forgotten in your family.

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