NIV 1 Kings 20.13

Verse 1 Kings 20.13

Ahab Defeats Ben-Hadad

Verse 1 Kings 20.Ahab Defeats Ben-Had

Archer Spivey opinion on Verse 1 Kings 20.Ahab Defeats Ben-Had

Ahab was king over Israel under the surveillance of God and he did everything as per Gods instruction. Prophets were the link between God and the people, they were to speak what God gave to them. Israel was always at war with her neighbours and fortunately for them, Yahweh gave them victory whenever they asked for their help. Syria was at war with Israel, from the moment king Benhadad sent his men to King Ahab. Benhadad sent several threats to Ahab and Ahab told him a soldier boasts after a battle. Boasting of success that has not been achieved is uncalled for in a society.

The Israelite army was not as huge as the Syrian army and this gave them some form of fear but God promised them victory. A believer is always urged to remain calm in the Lord whenever they face storms in life. Victory is for those that put their hope and trust in God as they wait upon His intervention. Fear is a weapon that the devil uses to shake those Christians that are not serious in their walk with God. Anytime a believer feels like they are about to fall into fear they should pray for God's help. God is powerful, this is the reason why He gives us assurance and hope.

Benhadad was so much into pleasure that he failed to recognize God's presence that was with the Israelites. Concentrating on less important activities can result into failure of recognising the danger that surrounds a person. Alcohol impares a person's judgement like in the case of Benhadad. When the news of Israelite army approaching the Syrians was told to the king, he never took time to think of a good decision before launching an attack on the Israelites army. The decision that Benhadad took lead to the death of the soldiers of Benhadad's army.

Spiritual leaders play an important role of advising political leaders who are God fearing. Yahweh knows anything before it happens and He warns His people before a calamity befalls them. The leaders who are obedient to the word of God through the true servants of God are always in a position of escaping an impending danger. God's protection is best at all times and it cannot be matched to that provided by humans like the army and therefore, a country should put their trust in God.

The faith of a Christian will always be put to test like the faith of Ahab was tested. Devil always comes up with different forms activities to scare believers away from Christ and only the firm in faith will be unshaken. Believers should seek God in prayer so that the holy spirit may help them in the walk of strengthening their faith. Faith propels a person to do anything God asks of them even if it's something that the world sees to be crazy and meaningless.

The Syrian king planned to launch another attack on king Ahab but Ahab was already informed and was preparing. From this, it may be said that the devil never gives up when God wins the battles of His people and he always plans of returning. Christians should always be in constant prayer to ensure that anytime the devil attacks, they are ready spiritually.

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