NIV 1 Samuel 18.26

Verse 1 Samuel 18.26

26 When the attendants told David these things, he was pleased to become the king’s son-in-law. So before the allotted time elapsed,

Verse 1 Samuel 18.26 When The Attenda

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This verse tells us the joy in David’s heart at being considered to be the son in-law of the king of Israel. His humility at this honor is something to be commended as it shows his innate goodness by not finding fault in the request coming from someone who had tried to kill him. Instead he focused on the fact that King Saul was God’s anointed king. He saw himself as being favored and did not grumble about the fact that Michal was the second of Saul’s daughter he had been promised. His first daughter, Merab was given in marriage to another after being promised to David.

The deception that has become a major vice of Saul was also shown in this verse as he was prepared to kill David with his scheming. First and foremost he planned to keep David under him by marrying off his daughter Merab to him and thereby buy his loyalty forever but that did not work out. His deception further pushes him to use the love his daughter Michal has for David to ensnare the young man. Then taking it a step further by asking him to kill for him as the bride price. All these were wrong actions not befitting to a king.

David can be seen as foolish and naïve when looking at his actions from the eyes of a cynic. His ambition made him blind to the fact that Saul’s intent were not pure. He was so invested in being a King’s in law that he did not see the trap set for him. The fact that he was a warrior and the payment asked of him was something he felt he could provide was a possible catalyst in him choosing to kill for the king. There was, in addition to that, the fact that the people he was asked to kill were the Philistines, the enemies of the Israelites.

Looking at it from a positive and optimistic point of view, we can see that David probably hoped that a union of he and Michal might put an end to the bad blood between he and Saul. This bad blood came about as a result of him killing Goliath and finding favor in the eye of the people of Israel. It might have been a wasted hope but it shows how much of a good nature David has. Saul’s plan backfired as David’s killing of the Philistines endeared him more to the people and honed his ability more.

God’s favor on David was shown clearly as he killed double of the amount asked of him. He made sure to complete the mission in time so that Saul could not do the same thing he did with Merab with Michal. This showed his competence as a warrior and perhaps his affection for Michal. It could be said that he is brutal showing no restraint in killing his enemies. But that can be explained by him bringing honor to God whose people were being tormented by the Philistines and glory to his king to whom be was loyal to.

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