NIV 2 Chronicles 13.1

Verse 2 Chronicles 13.1

13 In the eighteenth year of the reign of Jeroboam, Abijah became king of Judah,

Verse 2 Chronicles 13.13 In The Eighteent

Cristian Cortes opinion on Verse 2 Chronicles 13.13 In The Eighteent

This is the story of two kings whose lives cross paths in the days after King David had. One of them is Jeroboam, a man that King Solomon made supervisor over men in Jerusalem. Nebat was his father, he had two sons by the name of Abijah and Nadab. He was a man who took advantage of a situation that caused discontent in the nation of Israel. Solomon was involved in multiple extravagances to the discontentment of his subjects. Jeroboam got to know about this because he traveled far and knew what complaints people had and what the people needed.

During the reign of Rehoboam the king, Jeroboam’s conspiracy came to public attention so he fled to Egypt. Before that, prophet Ahijah uttered words that made him to believe that one day he would rule over 11 tribes. This gave him courage to return after his master Solomon had died to use taxes as means of sharing the kingship with Rehoboam. The tactic worked and the 10 tribes of Israel came under his dominion as a new king. Since then, enmity brewed between the Northern kingdom of Israel and the new rulership in Judah, which was under Rehoboam.

Jeroboam faced many negative issues in his lifetime because he was filled hatred for the worship of Israel’s God. He received messages of denunciation from a prophet but as he tried to detain the prophet, his hands dried out. After he begged him, the man restore his hands to good health again but that, and the many other messages of denunciation that came from God didn’t bother him. Though the prophet restored his arm back to the normal form, the king didn’t feel sorry for all he had done. He became one whom wicked kings of Judah and Israel were compared to in the future after his death.

After 18 years of Jeroboam’s reign, Abijah, a new king was installed in Judah as the second in that line. He hailed from the family of King Solomon but Rehoboam was his father. His reign was short and even though he won the war against Jeroboam, men of God saw him as a monstrous king who also defied the word from prophets for his personal gain. The mention of both kings rings a loud bell in the hearts of people who want to do what is right no matter what the situation is.

King Rehoboam was one whom prophets and men of God looked upon with disdain because he departed from righteousness. He disregarded the story that God appointed Jeroboam to be king in Samaria and called him an agent of Satan. The soldiers captured during the war were killed and exposed to all kinds of horrible treatments until they were putrefied. At the time a tool of false worship came to be in his possession, he did not abide by the law to burn such in the fire. He kept it for personal use at least for some time. So, both kings were known for wickedness in the land of the Jews since those days until now.

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