NIV 2 Chronicles 19.1

Verse 2 Chronicles 19.1

4 Jehoshaphat lived in Jerusalem, and he went out again among the people from Beersheba to the hill country of Ephraim and turned them back to the Lord, the God of their ancestors.

Verse 2 Chronicles 19.4 Jehoshaphat Lived

Brecken Peters opinion on Verse 2 Chronicles 19.4 Jehoshaphat Lived

We see that Ephraim never accepted the clan that his husband Jehoshaphat was from that is why she plotted to kill him over the land dispute. She drove the them through his temple into the ground, and he died. We see how evil others can be with your life that is why God want us to be careful while chosing your friends. As you find that those you may be living with may turn against you then plot to kill you. Ephraim is a good example who was trusted by Jehoshaphat so much but ended up killing him.

Ephraim's faith as we see it was Jehosephat wife whom we are told that when he came in that house of Jehoshaphat she had made them to embrace that kingdom of Judah which she came from. From what we learn from Bible is that Ephraim was the one that was controlling the husband he then came from that tribe of Jerusalem that would stand for evils being done around. As we learn from the verse then God is telling that we should not trust any one even those that seems to be near you. We are told that as when you trust in human being you are cursed this is what the Bible says.

That whoever will ever trust in human God will curse him. Then we see how Jehoshaphat trusted her married wife but later turned into him then we as Christian learn a lesson from this verse that us from the holy book of Bible. Almighty God is saying that many are not reading the word of God which we are expected to read while with it and thirst means while we need to be near God. God is a way maker who will make your fill to have peace as from the verse we see how the house of Ephraim was in list for peace.

Of is about to make peace with those that are trying each day because of the way in their houses we see that God want to put you in the next level for trusting as Savior Jesus Christ that's why we are to remain strong even when storms see upon us. From the holy book of Bible we see that Jerusalem had faith that even without those swords that any would believe to have made him to prosper in watching. As we see how Ephraim just used a mere stone to kill them as then we as children of God that is what we are needed from us. We may not have enough courage to tight enemies but when we lean before God.

Then you will make it as God is a faithful God who will always have to guide us on the steps to go with. We are told that success is about just belieive in Christ and you will never have fear of any thing that is around you. Christian we see how we are to be strong like Jerusalem who even could be talked the of her small size but later was recognized as a king in the land of Israel.. In her case, she seduced the commanding general Siserah into her tent, soothed him to sleep while he was sleeping, drove into his temple and killed him instantly

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