NIV 2 Chronicles 21.9

Verse 2 Chronicles 21.9

12 Jehoram received a letter from Elijah the prophet, which said:"This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: ‘You have not followed the ways of your father Jehoshaphat or of Asa king of Judah.

Verse 2 Chronicles 21.12 Jehoram Received

Viktor Wilkes opinion on Verse 2 Chronicles 21.12 Jehoram Received

Jehoram was responsible for rebuilding of the city that was situated in Judah just after then when God gave them power to make that city to be deep inside. That people will have to occupy from what we learn from the verse is then. We as Christian are required to build what was ruined by others this is by making where you are to be a loved place by all. As we look on this verse we see how God walked with the three as their aim was to name those spoilt cities. That is what we as Christian are called upon by God we are expected to go next to God then rebuild the cities that are ruined.

His mercies are full of us as we see how Elijah God forgive all the best for the service and that's why God is good with you as a serving Christian who's ready to move on. Jehoram was never worried of what he was to do about God services that is why he had to go to that unknown land. With Levites then Jehoram had to show them how to deal with their enemies. We see that son of Elijah had resisted but when God talked to him then she woke up headed to Jehoshaphat where she found God's favor. Same with us while we want to complaints on how God is not with you then you need to make a step.

And these steps are that you need to go in the house of the Lord seek God's face and surely God will hear you. As we see how God heard Jehoram we also learn of a woman we are told was a prostitute when she washed Jesus feet others that was the disciple's of Jesus would ask them selves how God only related with sinners. We are told never worry of what your friends are saying about you it's your turn to be blessed. And God will only bless you if then we take steps that are in his holy book of God that's when we will get our blessings. Almighty God warned us to never fear as we are told that those that fear will never inherit Lord's kingdom.

Then it's good to get that courage if you read the Bible frequently then you get strong each day. Elijah was to change all the cities then give each city a new name we we this is how God will change your life. God is about to change your life to a better one. Then if you are living a miserable life then God is telling you that e shouldn't mind of anything. As from Bible we are told that we will be mare new by God as the Savior is coming to save those that have repented. Don't worry about what others are saying about you God will make you to be glorious upon them. As we live God is saying that we should give your pleas to him to grant us your needs.

Philistines were still occupying Gaza, Asa, Elijah Jehoshaphat (Philistine cities) in land allotted to the tribes when the Israelites entered the promised land? For us today, your version of "giants" and other strongmen.

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