NIV 2 Chronicles 2.15

Verse 2 Chronicles 2.15

15 "Now let my lord send his servants the wheat and barley and the olive oil and wine he promised,

Verse 2 Chronicles 2.15 

Noa Emery opinion on Verse 2 Chronicles 2.15 

God's promises are true and He has not deceived anyone into giving Him something and He is able to go against His Word. If God promises you something, the Lord must do it again at the right time than at any other time. This word focuses on God's true promises, namely, to make known to his people how he will help them at all times. Servants of God are those who keep his word and obey his commandments, those who believe that God is their creator and guardian of their breath. As a servant of God because the body you have is his own property. He created you in His image and gave you the opportunity to live so that you can love Him, care for Him, recognize His presence and always follow His instructions. Unlike other servants, thy God cares for his people in the sense that according to the word, he will satisfy his servants with grain, oil, and all kinds of drinks.

In your hunger, the One who knows all things will fill you with the measure of fullness and pouring out. He will do all these things to you because he has promised you, and you know very well how strong his integrity is. Remember that in order to receive all these things you must have faith, do not be confused or doubt in your ways. For it is clear that a skeptic cannot receive anything in faith, this is like a lukewarm and empty thing in the sight of the Lord. Again God will give you great grace unlike the earthly servants, who persecute their slaves in the fields and in the sun by whipping them and giving them little food. Rejoice in the Lord as He is mighty and very loving, and He will give you everything you need because you have served Him and depended on Him in the ways of your life.

You will find that, as you rely on God and keep His commandments, then He will protect and satisfy you in every way This is his own promise, he has said with his mouth he will not let you be put to shame in front of your enemies, he will protect you. Unlike the rulers of this world, they make many promises to their slaves and make one out of every hundred. God has promised and will not change or change the word no matter how small. Keep trusting in him, put on his yoke, and become a slave of God always, behold, as Christ says, his yoke is easy and it does not hurt.

So I urge you, servant of God, to be patient until the Lord sends you his story, that is, he satisfied you in his true love. In reality you are not a slave like the slaves of sin and death but you are a conqueror whom the eternal God has promised to protect you forever. Again, comfort is near to all who obey the commandments of the Lord, he has spoken and he will do, blessed be his name, Amen.

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