NIV 2 Chronicles 28.7

Verse 2 Chronicles 28.7

7 Zikri, an Ephraimite warrior, killed Maaseiah the king’s son, Azrikam the officer in charge of the palace, and Elkanah, second to the king.

Verse 2 Chronicles 28.7 Zikri, An Ephraim

Sheldon Salinas opinion on Verse 2 Chronicles 28.7 Zikri, An Ephraim

The city used to be called Zikri just because we all name cities according to how we just found them. Zikri was from a tribe that was given respect by all residents from that village such that all names from Zikri were from their leader. Ezra who was with the leaders from the Easter of that city. As we are told that Maaseiah lived in Leish for many reasons to be given children's that all had to inerit what Maaseiah had left out. Maaseiah was then appointed to be a leader of Levi as he was known to be trusted by all the men from Ephraimite from then we see the love in him for all Ephraimite.

We see how Maaseiah was with Good as he was struggling with the illness that made him lose hope of living that's why Azrikam ended up giving that land of Zikri that name. Maaseiah descendants loved their father so much that's the reason why each had to name their cities after their father. This is to gone father who showed them ways of Christ that's why their Ephraimite were given that name. We find that now Zikri town changed to Dan as their ancestor it shows the respect we as Christian should give to those that leave us as well as from parents. Parents are to be given much more respect after they die as all have taken care of us until wherever we are now.

That's why if we may have a chance to show respect to them then as Christian then we will have to do. That is why we see Leish is now no longer that city that was known of evil as the names we give to our regions matters most. We as Christian then are told while we are naming the cities then we may have to look for attractive names that are not of shame. God is declaring that Maaseiah faith is hated for he's to be the ancestor of those who lived longer for their days. Being born from Azrikam then it was much more to see how we as Christian can help them to come out of captivity that is known to be in that land.

As we we how Azrikam did not get to know how all his son were to be involved in that fits which was in their opposite side of Judah. Israel then had to join him from that day as for their serving of God was to be clear from all sides of the village. We shall not be defeated as God is saying that we all have to see his coming as a Maaseiah who is sent by God to give us all hope. As from the verse we see how it's good to declare Lord as Savior who died then reassured us of new begging of lives to us all. Then we see how God made us as to be special by allocating us to take care of garden of God that was given to Azrikam and then the front family to be in this land.

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