NIV 2 Chronicles 6.3

Verse 2 Chronicles 6.3

14 He said:"Lord, the God of Israel, there is no God like you in heaven or on earth - you who keep your covenant of love with your servants who continue wholeheartedly in your way.

Verse 2 Chronicles 6.14 He Said:

Jamari Atwood opinion on Verse 2 Chronicles 6.14 He Said:

So she has come here and brought her drama on me as if I care please I do not just steamer.and the gate is open now I can go but I'm not interested in going because she will just go report from going I hope she's my brother she just said to focus things and it even says that we have mistreated her or something because she always plays the her she never wrong she's always on the right my god I can't you just answer me that she just leaves and goes wherever because I do not like her at all.this case of cancelled my accountant and accumulated almost $60 that's fine it's okay I think someone are still is matrix.

how's the coaches to go right now because just to even say that the tired of staying here that will make me feel so happy for those few minutes.hopefully that call the mixx drama between you have a normally pay for never happened so it .doesn't matter that I had one really really well because I found until it got cancelled. Did you really know that I'm using that trick on them but that's just too bad.

The night sleeping now she looks so cute with hibiscus in Hebron. My house looks so clean and everything lol but she has come and stepped on it but that's okay mind you're right so I'm .not stressed out or anything because my clothes are cleaning and . am well fed you know I need much right now and that's it.

currently is around 250 miles to get Daniel was the scores at 70 4.62 and I hope these guys will not detect that I would be a dream come true if she just decided to just leave and never come back to us to go to her home and rest home.she's always saying she needs to go home she need to do this and that and she never die what's the message going to build her own house but never dies it right now she has no houses just so worried about.working about to finish with running with bulls and money does that make any sense to me what are the hustle and she has none.

it is my sincere prayer that this has all of mine was going well as planned and they'll be able to get myself my own things.most likely get our electricity connection by the end of the week and good breakfast that's just all I want. I'm sure it would cost more than 1000 shillings electricity connected my data costs around maybe 1000.anyway doesn't matter as long as at the end of it all and have electricity and I wonder what what what her problem is.because you are all good yesterday now all of a sudden heads to cut electricity with me that's fine she can check itself.

eventually I know these things will now start making sense for me and it will solve being so bleak for me. The good Lord always says that joy comes in the morning for those who wait on him.

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