NIV 2 Kings 14.23

Verse 2 Kings 14.23

Jeroboam II King of Israel

Verse 2 Kings 14.Jeroboam II King Of

Gray Roberts opinion on Verse 2 Kings 14.Jeroboam II King Of

Israel was a place that was loved during those days that Israelite's wished to live righteous ways that were appearing to he good before God. That's why you will find that israel had many prophecies who were sent by God to tell people that God about to return to take away all the remnants. That is why Jeroboam had a famous city that was between it where the kings could go to search for advices from servant of God.

In Jeroboam there are settlements left for the Israelite's to go there so that they can settle with their families. As God wished them that whoever among them would live according to his way then will see eternal life. The Jeroboam settlement was near Judah where people would go to even sacrifice their offerings to God. From the verse we are told that Isaiah was with the prophets where the Prophecies brought good news to people of Israel about the coming of awaited messiah that is what Jeroboam was all prepared for. As from the verse we see how people reacted when Isaiah told them on the coming of their savior Christ.

The verse shows how we should be prepared for the coming of Savior Christ all we need is to repent all sins. Then God will turn to us to give all of us the direction to follow so that we don't fall into temptation. You find as much is said from the bible then we need to put everything into your mind. God will not let any of us to be defeated as he's a living God like the land of Jeroboam God made it to be fertile that is what God will make your lives to be. You will bear child in your old age like Sarah did as God can change someone from nothing to grace.

As from the verse israel was a place that was much hatred for the sins of those that lived there but later God changed it's name for his name to be glorified. Then from the verse as Christians if we live by the savior sides to be clean and honesty then God will change your names. Any town would have settlements that is what the verse says on the houses that were left in Jeroboam's before this was changed to Jeroboam's.

Now you find from the verse we are told that Jeroboam's is now a beautiful town that God made people to love it. This is after being rejected for a long time. Then from the verse we learn that God will make us rise up again even if we go through rejection. The savior Christ will make us like this land of Israel that was untruthful but later God made it to bear good fruits. Then in your lives God is coming to you for you are the chosen one to stand up. From where you may be then praise and glorify the lord as from the verse we see how God is going to bless our descendants

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