NIV 2 Kings 19.13

Verse 2 Kings 19.13

13 Where is the king of Hamath or the king of Arpad? Where are the kings of Lair, Sepharvaim, Hena and Ivvah?"

Verse 2 Kings 19.13 Where Is The Kin

Camila Page opinion on Verse 2 Kings 19.13 Where Is The Kin

The Kings of nations gathered to answer the rise of dominance that threatened distant lands, who can stand against the predecessor of this ruler, so our army will know how to strike its foes. When nation will rise against nation, there will be destruction and havoc will spread to those who stand at the middle. Who can lead kingdoms to unite in the hour of making decisions? generals cannot remain idle during war, sitting comfortably at their tents and enjoying temporary pleasures before defeat will overtake them. People will look at their leaders in anticipation of glorious victory for their family, children and future generation.

There are rulers appointed based on their royal bloodline, and there are those who earned reverence from the people. Soldiers follow commands from their superiors just as Kings follow the will of the almighty God. Even if people are at war with each other, one will stand strong to administer justice. The generation who will pass the goodwill to their own young will prosper in their advocacy to fight for good. Even an alliance cannot secure victory when one conspires for own defeat, defiance of order that brings discordance of people. The enemy asked where is the enemy who dare to face us? have people seen how other nations was obliterated by us. The almighty God was insulted when his people was ridiculed by arrogance, there will be no mercy to people who are against God, who rely on their own mortal strength.

Although, righteous men are outnumbered, their valor will be greater and strength multiplied while enemy will fall by their amplified arrogance. Blessings are on the head of righteous, as wicked will be condemned to their own ruin. The fortress is strong for people whose hope is God, but the roof of evil men will collapse. God's men are like minded and united while worldly men are divided along with their selfish desires. There is no expected end that brings glory when evil celebrates temporary triumph but the whole earth will rejoice if evil is defeated. In return, where is the refuge of the enemy when it is fallen by the hands of justice? They will run towards darkness and lurk in darkest depth for a long time, gnashing teeth while clenching their fist. Obsession of victory to gratify selfish gains is futile, and the pleasure is temporary, endless search of glory, empty with no substance.

Any person committed to achieve destruction is pure evil, its soul is restless while its heart is filled with insatiable desire to acquire more power to rule over the weak but God's incredible ways uplift the weaklings to be strong, blessing the poor to be rich and healing the sick to be healthy. God can form a nation, build a nation but he can also destroy it. The power of strength that could intimidate must not be used to threaten the vulnerable for it will awaken justice to shield the afflicted and bring balance in the realm. The universe conspires to bring victory for those who are humble.

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