NIV 2 Kings 22.17

Verse 2 Kings 22.17

17 Because they have forsaken me and burned incense to other gods and aroused my anger by all the idols their hands have made,[a] my anger will burn against this place and will not be quenched.’

Verse 2 Kings 22.17 Because They Hav

Maliah Stone opinion on Verse 2 Kings 22.17 Because They Hav

At the point when he started to reign and he reigned a year in the nation and he did what was directly in seeing the almigty and strolled in right of his father. Additionally, he turned not aside to the correct hand and to one side and it happened in the time of the ruler . Dependably, the almighty sent him the scribe to the place of the almighty. He state to the devout cleric that he may entirety the silver which is brought into the place of the all powerful which the attendants of the entryway have assembled of the individuals.

Obviously, he let them convey it into the hand of the practitioners of the work that have the oversight of the place of the all powerful. Observe, and he let them offer it to the practitioners of the work. Hence, which is in the place of the priest to fix the penetrates of the house like wise unto the wood workers and manufacturers bricklayers and to purchase lumber and cut stone to fix the house. However, there was no retribution made with them of the cash that was conveyed into their hand since they managed dependably. Therefor, the devout minister said unto him the copyist he have discovered the book of the law and he read it.

The scribe sent to the almighty and brought the ruler word again and said they workers have accumulated the cash that was found in the house. Also, have conveyed into the hand of them that accomplish the work that have the oversight of the place of the almighty. Mostly, the scribe shewed the almighty saying the cleric hath conveyed him a book and he read the book before the ruler and it happened when the ruler had heard the expressions of the book of the law that he lease his garments.

Each ruler instructed their minister and a worker of the almighty platitude go enquire of the all powerful and for the individuals for all concerning the expressions of this book is found. Extraordinaryly, the fury and that is ignited against them. Shockingly, in light of the fact that their fathers have not noticed unto the expressions of the book. Appropriately, all that which is composed concerning them and observe he will bring evil upon the spot and the occupants. Observe, they have spurned him and have consumed incense unto different divine beings that they may incite him to outrage with all the words in their grasp.

Behold, he fury will be ignited against this spot and will not be extinguished to enquire of the almighty. When thine heart was delicate and hast lowered themself before him. They will end up being a devastation and a revile and hast lease garments and sobbed before him. Nevertheless, he likewise have heard the all powerful observe he will accumulate him unto their fathers and shalt be assembled into the grave in peace. Generally, thine eyes will not see all the detestable which he will bring upon the spot and they brought the almighty word once more.

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