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Verse 2 Kings 3.4

4 Now Mesha king of Moab raised sheep, and he had to pay the king of Israel a tribute of a hundred thousand lambs and the wool of a hundred thousand rams.

Verse 2 Kings 3.4 Now Mesha King Of

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Prayer takes us on a journey from external activity to inner silence from the chaos and confusion of forgetfulness, to the peace, quiet of remembrance. We could easily choose to pray every morning before we head out for work. You can say no to temptation because your family and spiritual health are more important. Everyone can look on the bright side that you have a job, aren’t starving and have a home to go to instead of focusing all your attention on what you hate. The wise woman of Abel Beth deserves to be one of our heroes. In tough circumstances, she showed wisdom, and faith by submitting to authority also making peace.

Even though we like to think we all have free will, most of the time we repeat the same old habits, the same social conditioning. All of us are a locked up in own beliefs, fears, and doubts. We live life thinking we’re getting somewhere, while in fact most of the time we’re just going round and round. Your possibilities are very limited Other ways that you can manage your suffering include asking others for help and support, reaching out to fellowship to help you work through loss or upset, or even changing your circumstance to enable recovery. It’s not always possible, we realize that, but if we can’t change anything else, all can always change the mindset.

Praying guides us to turn all awareness within, to discover a deeper meaning in life. During it, you can realize that there’s more to life than just repeating the same things over again. There’s more to life than grasping for material happiness The journey to infinite possibilities begins. It’s easier said than done, there are others who are not in any position to stand up to the others or we should always be praying. But even then, you can still be kind to yourself by making sure that you get quality rest in between, that you pat yourself on the back for working as hard as you do.

As you can actively look for a better day. If you’re not doing any of those things, you’re prioritizing your displeasure, and therefore amplifying it. For the most part, your life is very limited Your thoughts or actions are a result of your memories, desires you do an action that creates a memory, this in turn generates a desire, which leads to further action. We all have what we want if we work for almighty.

Remembering the joy and bliss that we always are When Jo ab explained the situation, the wise advised the city leaders to submit to the king, execute Sheba. This they did, honoring God by honoring His anointed ruler. As the only cool head in the midst of a violent and volatile situation, the wise woman saved her city. At a time David’s troops were preoccupied with internal strife Jo ab had killed Amass earlier when the political landscape remained cloudy unsettled, her peaceful, persuasive wisdom influenced the decisions, actions of all involved.

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