NIV 2 Samuel 12.15

Verse 2 Samuel 12.15

15 After Nathan had gone home, the Lord struck the child that Uriah’s wife had borne to David, and he became ill.

Verse 2 Samuel 12.15 After Nathan Had

Hadlee Hurley opinion on Verse 2 Samuel 12.15 After Nathan Had

Lets take it back from the beginning of the whole story.

David was taking a stroll outside when he saw a beautiful lady taking her bath outside as the day has gone dark.

He stared at her bodily physique and lust started building up, he sent his guards to inquire about her and they did.

they came back with feed back and he asked for her to be brought in to him, knowing fully well that she was a married woman.

she came and david laid with her in his chamber and she got up and cleansed herself. Days later, she sent word to david, telling him she was pregnant.

David sort for ways to cover up his lustful deeds and requested that Uriah, Bathsheba's husband be sent back home from war.

When Uriah got back, david subtly hinted that uriah should go sleep with his wife.

David had a plan to perfectly cover up his sin from humans, but Uriah did not play along.

Seeing as he could not get Uriah drunk to do what he did sober, he sent uriah back to the battle field, with a note to the commander.

David requested that the commander place uriah where the battle was toughest.

Just to make sure he does not make it back alive.

Uriah died and Bathsheba his wife mourned him as a normal widow would, David did not waste time in taking in bathsheba as his wife.

david had the chance to repent several times, but he did not.

King david had overstepped his grace period i guess and needed to be dealt with, just to serve as a reminder that there is God.

and that they are rules and commandments he is supposed to abide by even as a king that he was.

In this passage, the lord struck the child with illness probably cause of the illegitimacy and to serve as punishment to David.

i know the lord is merciful and all forgiving but that punishment had to be dealt on David in order to checkmate his unacceptable ways.

Striking the child with illness was not a judgment upon the child, but upon David.

The bible assures us that death is not the end, Reading further into the passage in particular indicates that David’s child was taken to heaven upon its death .

Consequently, the child was probably spared a life of sorrow and trouble as the illegitimate offspring of the illicit relationship of David and Bathsheba.

David’s faith in the all-loving God is clearly illustrated in verses 22–23. While the child was alive, David fasted and wept in hopes that God would graciously allow the child to live.

However, when the child died, David trusted in the goodness of God to take the child to be with Him in heaven.

Davids love and passion for God did not still spare him of Gods judgement when he went astray

Ultimately, i will conclude by saying, david sinned and he perfectly knew what he was doing. He expressly covered up his own sin by commiting murder.

i don't see the death of his illegitimate child as a wrong punishment for him, despite the innocence of the child.

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