NIV 2 Samuel 22.2

Verse 2 Samuel 22.2

2 He said:"The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;

Verse 2 Samuel 22.2 He Said:

Piper Shannon opinion on Verse 2 Samuel 22.2 He Said:

Samuel a prophet of the lord was one day sent to the house of Jesse. God directed him there in order to anoint the new king of Israel chosen by him. He tried to anoint other sons of Jesse but God restrained the oil from flowing. David, a young shephard boy was brought to him and God allowed the oil to flow on his head. He says to Samuel that he looks at a man's heart and not his appearance. David was now the anointed king to lead Israel after Saul at such a young age.

Saul had gone against God's will and he fell out of favor. God was disappointed in his disobedience and he snatched the kingdom of Israel from his reign. Saul learnt that David was the newly anointed king who was to take after him. He envied David and planned so ways to kill him but to no avail. Since David was a righteous man God never allowed any harm to betide him. He fought so many battles in his life including the one he killed Goliath by his bear hands.

Therefore, it is evident that the lord God almighty is pleased by the ways of a righteous man. David lived the whole of his life acknowledging God in songs of praises. When a man pleases God, he saves him from all his troubles and delivers him from his enemies. He upholds him when destruction comes knocking on his door. To David, it didn't matter how long king Saul had planned to kill him. It didn't matter how many times he set him up for death in battle.

David respected the orders of Saul and was humble to the king. God saved him because of this humility he showed even when he knew he was king to be.

During the reign of king David after Saul's death, enemies from different directions surrounded the kingdom of Israel. The Phillistines were known to be the most common enemy the Israelites fought in battle during that time. They were characterized by gigantic worriers who threatened their armies. Israelites fought several battles against these adamant Phillistines whose never ceased to trouble their kingdom.

One day there was a battle between these two nations and David joined his army to fight against them. He became exhausted in the process and was about to be killed by Ishbi-Benob but luckily Abishai rescued him from the sword. Another four battles happened involving Israelites and Phillistines during the reign of King David. David and his men emerged victorious in all of them through the help of God. He sang a song to God during that time as a thanksgiving of the victories he had given them.

King David begins by acknowledging God as the rock, fortress and delivers of his life. As Christians, we fight several battles and we get victorious since God upholds us and just like David, we ought to give thanks to him. The salvation of our lives depends on God and we cannot win without his help. 2 Samuel 22:2 teaches us to acknowledge God in our victories and even in times of weakness. He protects the ones he loves and he never allow enemies to devour them.

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