NIV 2 Samuel 7.3

Verse 2 Samuel 7.3

3 Nathan replied to the king, "Whatever you have in mind, go ahead and do it, for the Lord is with you."

Verse 2 Samuel 7.3 Nathan Replied To

Noa Emery opinion on Verse 2 Samuel 7.3 Nathan Replied To

Building a befitting chamber to serve as a place that the ark will be laid was seriously in David’s mind for a long time, and he had been trying to say this to the man of God. He checked the beauty of his house and compared his house with that of the abode of the ark, he realized he needed to start getting somewhere else. The king beautify his house often and the people contribute in making his palace to become more stand day by day, such that the best building materials were used on it.

Meanwhile ark’s position is always inside some kind of clothes to seal it from people to see most times, and he felt this could not be befitting enough. So he told Nathan about taking it from that place and building a totally different house to match the integrity and ensure that there is more safety. That by building house more dignity and security will be given to the ancient and precious object, and no one will just have any unauthorized access to that. Nathan reasoned too and he was not in position to oppose him, and his reply was always as his status, a very wise one that was needed at the time. He replied that as a king he will do the required thing exactly the way his good thoughts are telling him, and he will do only the best of his thoughts too.

There is both wisdom and support in his contribution to the king’s question, he didn’t give certainty that the king is right or wrong but he said the king should do the reasonable thing. He remained in king’s favor and retained his integrity too, he did not do anything to tarnish either his image or say abuses to the king or disapprove his thought too. We need Nathan’s objective response too when we relate with our bosses and other people in very high positions, so that, we don’t step out of their favor and we don’t lose integrity too. Even though the correction of David’s idea was later made by God that he should halt whatever he was doing and he must not think of building a place anymore. But since Nathan was not certain about anything, he keep shut, he didn’t say what he thought as human, he said nothing about God’s wishes about this.

Importantly, he never mentioned God’s thoughts about the construction because he knew that he was not told anything, and since there was no communication, he muted. Let’s muted or say less when we only have little idea anytime we are asked questions that we don’t know, then later we should request the solution by prayers. So that our prior answers will not counter the divine answers that we will be given because clashing of interest always make people to loss confidence at the end. Generally, silence when needed and consulting God at the latter times is a wisdom and nobody will blame you more for giving void answer but they will criticize you for misleading answers.

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