NIV 2 Timothy 2.4

Verse 2 Timothy 2.4

4 No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.

Verse 2 Timothy 2.4 No One Serving As

Adriel Dillard opinion on Verse 2 Timothy 2.4 No One Serving As

No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs means that one is supposed to remain faithful to their course. That can be compared to having one who is Godly and one who serves another but not God. Timothy wants to make it known to the Christians that he cannot be part of their sins or the mess they make yet he is supposed to be opposing them and showing them what is right. A soldier has the responsibility of maintaining law and order in opposition of those who break it. It would be wrong if he is part of crime or works in association of criminals because that is going outside his line of duty. Apostle Timothy is making clear to the people that they must be assertive and know well what they are after so that they will not lose their focus.

He rather tries to please his commanding officer means that his duty is doing what his master pleases. That is the same case to those who worship the Lord. They are not supposed to take part in crimes and wickedness that the ungodly do. Their big aim should be serving and pleasing God and they do so by following His laws and commandments that He needs them to. God too cannot dwell with those who oppose the gospel and follow the ways of the devil because there is no one time that evil and holiness can work out together. One has to choose a side and be faithful to it or less the wrath of whom they serve befalls them.

Humans must know well that God does not like one whose heart is two way. You cannot serve the Lord and claim to be saved while you still take part in earthly ways that do not please God. The devil is the one who is pleased by earthly doings because they are guided by the flesh while Godly ways are governed by the spirit. When one decides to serve God, they must be ready to face opposition and hatred from other people who strongly believe that God does not exist. They must remain strong to be able to oppose them and do opposite of what they think is right because it is only through that they can accomplish God's will. Apostle Timothy gave a wise piece of advice to anyone who decides to take on a course of obeying their creator.

Nobody will be left out in punishment because the Lord is fair and just. There is even more weight of punishment on those who clearly know what is needed from them and still choose to ignore. A soldier understands the law well and even better than a civilian does and choosing to disobey would be out of arrogance and pride. That is punishable without even compromising with excuses that may be laid. Paul says in his letters that its better to begin with flesh and end with spirit because in flesh, one does not understand what us right. One who starts with spirit and ends with flesh is foolish and makes the wrong move.

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