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Verse Acts 17.8

8 When they heard this, the crowd and the city officials were thrown into turmoil.

Verse Acts 17.8 When They Heard T

Marco Kearney opinion on Verse Acts 17.8 When They Heard T

Verse four of chapter fifteen in Acts has word Turmoil which is a state of confusion, uncertainty and disturbance. They in verse refers to crowd of Greeks as well as Jews and people in marketplace. Rulers of city refers to leadership which included Priests, Pharisees and elders. Now the turmoil began as a result of preaching by Paul concerning that Jesus Christ was to suffer, die and ressurect. Some of multitude listey believed in this teaching while others disputed. It was at this point that Jews who did not agree with these words, convinced crowd to take Paul up to city so that rulers could admonish him. In addition, his host in Thessalonica called Jason, was accused of haboring Paul, a person who claimed that Christ was king.

This displeased rulers which is why confusion and uncertainty ensued owing to their fear that a king would take their leadership positions. Leaders of that time were elders, priests, Pharisees and scribes. Jews were also present, who helped stir up a multitude of people to disagree with what disciples were preaching. Uncertainty with confusion demonstrated that rulers were not confident in their authority to rule as well as that they had no backing for the words which they taught, unlike Paul who taught from scripture and was inspired by Holy Ghost.

Acts is a book where all preaching was left to eleven apostles, but Paul was one of the eager followers of God. The book was written by Paul himself, giving an account of events after Ascension of Christ to heaven. Resistance was commonly faced from local church leaders who placed themselves above everyone. This was because they believed their preaching and interpretation of scriptures was better than for apostles. Such stubbornesd is what led these leaders to disagree with Messiah when he was on earth preaching.

Jason, a resident of Thessalonica often hosted Paul, as they both loved word of God. Inspite of Paul having not been at his house during this turmoil, a multitude pulled Jason out of the house, claiming he knew where Paul was. Leading to Jason being delivered to leaders or rulers of city in Thessalonica, so that he could be a co-accused.

Rulers of that time did not appreciate being challenged especially when it came to scripture interpretation. Just like it was demonstrated in this verse, elders as well as local church leaders desired to punish those who did not agree to their style of preaching. However, Paul being led by Holy Spirit, was not phased by their threats but continued to deliver God's message to those who were willing to listen.

A crowd was stirred up by Jews in land of Thessalonica, due to a dispute over preaching which was being conducted. Scripture in question was concerning that Son of God came on Earth to die for sins but he resurrected as was prophesied in holy words. These teachings angered local rulers in city, which is why confusion arose. Rulers thought the proclaimed Messiah would take away their authority.

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