NIV Amos 3.8

Verse Amos 3.8

8 The lion has roared - who will not fear?The Sovereign Lord has spoken - who can but prophesy?

Verse Amos 3.8 The Lion Has Roar

Erika Palacios opinion on Verse Amos 3.8 The Lion Has Roar

Kevin sayyid.

The Israelites the Holy Nation of God and the most loved people under the sun.Amos a man from a humble background was not prepared to be sent by God to proclaim prophecy to his people.He

had been chosen among the few to be a prophet of the Lord and was to be sent to the Israelite's to warn them for their sinful nature.The lord had been angered by his people and he was not going to spare them in any way, actually he was going to destroy us them once and for all.Lord had roared and his anger was above limit that cannot be lowered down.

Prophets had been sent to warn them for a long time only for them to reject them without fear and remorse .The Lord had chosen Amos to prophecy to them the impending punishment that was about to befall them. God was going to sent plagues and all that were sinful in nature will be destroyed.Amos warned the people to seek God mercy and if they do they will be forgiven, but the people were so rebellious and stubborn.This people engaged in evils ways such as temple prostitution,human sacrifices,exploitation of the poor by using false scale in their business so that they can make profit for their own selfish gains.

The people of Israel were practicing were insincere in worship,by worshipping the God and the idols.This act angered by God so much in that he vowed not to spare any one of them.God had decided not to give a second chance to those idol worshippers.He had stand at the alter and saw the Israelites evil ways.Amos says that God will punish his people because they refuse to obey his commandments and follow his instructions. He says that God will destroy the army in Judah and he explains why God is so angry with Israel.Prophet Amos also points out that the Israelites run over helpless people, injustice, steal and sell honest people into slavery.

Amos begins his messages to Israel by explaining to them that God is speaking in high voice from heaven.He tells them that God says that he is going to punish Israel’s neighbors for their sins against his people and against him.Northern kingdoms have all done something terrible and wrong to the Israelites and God had punished them in different ways according to the sins they had committed.God was committed to his promise in totally destroying his people who have turn to be rebellious against him.

Prophet Amos tells the people of Israel that God usually sends a warning for people before he exercises judgment against them.Amos let the people know that God has sent prophets to turn the people back to God. He continued to say that God will punish Israel by destroying the homes of the rich people,let the Israelites to be taken captive by Babylonians and destroying the pagan altars at Bethel and Shechem.Prohet Amos interceded I on the behalf of the Israelites and God accepted not to punish them

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