NIV Colossians 2.10

Verse Colossians 2.10

15 And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.[e]

Verse Colossians 2.15 And Having Disar

Brycen Carr opinion on Verse Colossians 2.15 And Having Disar

Jesus died on the cross that we may have salvation, and it was part of God's divine plan to redeem humanity from the shackles of sin and death. Christ willingly gave his life out of the immense love he had for us. The messiah was humiliated, tortured, and publicly ridiculed, and the devil thought he had won the battle. However, Jesus defeated death and rose again, thereby shaming the devil forever. As Christ rose to power, all evil was defeated, and the priceless blood purchased us.

The cross to Christianity represents freedom, hope, and grace; it reminds God's grace and love upon us. God sought after us even when we thought we wouldn't need him. Our baggage is lifted at the cross, the guilt and shame we carry are forgiven, and we are made new in the eyes of God. Reflecting on the cross defines us and our walk with Christ, and it offers a safe space where there's no judgment or discrimination. We are under God who watches over us and protects us from the attacks of the devil.

Christ has given us the power to resist the devil ad all his tactics, but it's up to us to choose God. Once we accept Jesus as our saviour, he resides in us, and we can do great and miraculous things. God wants to be in fellowship with us, where we rely on him and lead lives that please him for his glory. Having Jesus doesn't mean it will be a smooth sail on earth, but you are assured he will strengthen you when the storms of life sway you. Battles get manageable when you have Jesus and a community of believers in your corner.

We should study God's word and memorize it because it is the only weapon we can use to fight the devil. Jesus used scripture when he faced trials, and he was victorious. Our goal is to emulate Christ and live our lives as he did while he was on earth. God gave us authority and dominion over his creation, and all we need is faith. Whatever situation you may be going through now, remember that you are more than a conqueror; speak blessings, and you will be victorious.

Life trials will eventually come to an end. All gathered in heaven, and we shall celebrate the rewards of our good work here on earth. We should strive to remain in Christ so that we go with him to heaven in his second coming. Christ rose from the dead with all his majesty and beat the devil, and if we believe, we will rise too and live with him in glory. Eternity gives us hope because we know good things await us. We are motivated to share the goodness so that nobody is left out.

Heed the call of Jesus and walk away from your secular lifestyle. There is no shame in choosing Jesus, only abundant life, and divine joy. God loves you and calls us his beloved and precious nation, and he is calling us home where there is rest. Heed the call, I repeat.

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