NIV Daniel 4.8

Verse Daniel 4.8

8 Finally, Daniel came into my presence and I told him the dream. (He is called Belteshazzar, after the name of my god, and the spirit of the holy gods is in him.)

Verse Daniel 4.8 Finally, Daniel C

Brentlee Guzman opinion on Verse Daniel 4.8 Finally, Daniel C

There is one saying that pride goes before a fall, and a proud person will definitely fall, and there will be no one to come to his rescue because he disregards and is disrespectful. The Bible says that God sees a proud from a far distance, and He does not have anything to do with him, but He respects the humble because he has brought himself moderate before all. This was the only problem that Lucifer the fallen angel had, and it led him to a state of rejection, pride made him see himself as important enough to compete with God. He forgot that God was his Creator, and he would not have existed if He had not commanded him to be, but he was all focused on himself alone.

The Scripture makes a note that it does not benefit man to be boastful, probably because of one advantage that he has, in terms of knowledge, wealth, connection and so on. Daniel was used by God to remind and interprete the dream which king Nebuchadnezzar had forgotten. The first verses of chapter 4 of the book of Daniel are the king's words, his account of how much trouble he went through before he could finally meet Daniel, who helped him. He had the first taste of the God of Israel in the previous chapter, when he saw how three Hebrew men were saved from being burnt in a furnace he prepared. It was his pride that made him to make a statue of himself, and announce that everyone in the land of Babylon must bow to it, at the sounding of a trumpet blown.

Nebuchadnezzar dreamt that a tree which blossomed and flowered well in the forest, was cut down by a watcher and another holy man who came down from heaven. The tree that served as nests and abodes for animals in the forest, lost its importance and none of the animals could use it any longer. Daniel gave the interpretation of the dream to him with the Spirit of the Almighty, and this was a warning that he should be careful because his fall was very near. He thought that he had a reason to boast, without knowing that all that he had was just because he had the privilege from God, and had the grace every time he wanted to battle. There were better kings with better administrative wisdom, yet he rose to the position of the most influential ruler in all the lands around him. God permitted him to even fight against the chosen people, the Israelites, and he won, making many of them captives in Babylon before grace found Daniel and others.

It is so disappointing that even after the warning given by God, he at the end of twelve months, walked around his big beautiful palace, and began to think of how successful he had been. This is a lesson to the privileged people of the society, in no matter way God had made you advantaged over others, you are not to feel dignified or too much important. The Bible says that no one can receive anything in except he has received it from heaven, meaning that there is a special purpose for you getting that edge you have got.

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