NIV Deuteronomy 20.2

Verse Deuteronomy 20.2

2 When you are about to go into battle, the priest shall come forward and address the army.

Verse Deuteronomy 20.2 When You Are Abou

Shanaya Cunningham opinion on Verse Deuteronomy 20.2 When You Are Abou

These were words of encouragement from lord to the people of Israel. God had anointed some priests who He gave responsibility of anointing the entire nation and army as they went for a battle. I think this was a way of preparing the army spiritual and even physically before walking into the battle. Lord choosing some of the priests to anoint them means that He chooses different people to perform different activities. Some times, the heavenly father may consider the one he needs to carry out a specific activity.

Since Israel was a small nation, many nations thought that they could win them and take all there possession easily. Little did they know was that the small nation had a great lord who guided and lead them into the war. Even in terms of population, Israel wasn't the most populated nation of the time. Unity and togetherness in lord was the key element of success at the battle for the Israelite. Their success was even defined before they went for the battle with their enemies. After been anointed, the army was strong and had faith that they could win any battle without doubts.

GOD commanded them not to fear even if they see; Chariots, Horses or even numerous people than they were. This was a clear indication that the battle would have so many enemies than the army of Israel but after all they would come out with victory. I think that lord had the same stand even if the enemies came with superior technology than the Israelite's, the key point was not to fear any weapon or enemy. Despite the clear dangers that are witnessed at the battle, lord emphasized to the army not to afraid nor fear.

The verse clearly says that the lord was with them at the battle. What does it mean/show for the lord being at the battle? OK, i hope that the lord was inside the army and their weapons, all the steps and decisions they took while at the war , they were from lords direction and guidance. Again the lord was watching the war and marked the army of Israel from defeat. The lord had previously shown victory to the small nation by removing them from their enemies at the land of Egypt , therefore he had shown victory as their lord before .

Aim of the lord been with them at the war was to save them from death. He also wanted to keep his promise for the continuity of the chosen tribe. If they lost at the war, maybe they could be finished and even the lord they worshiped be diminished as a powerless God.

It is a lesson that lord is always with his people at all the times and never leaves them. Again HE is never defeated , a powerful lord, a caring father, and above all HE is a victorious lord at the war. Therefore for the believers, i think we should not loose hope when our enemies attack us rather look above to our heavenly father to give us victory, for lord loves his children and like a father will always support them at any given time.

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