NIV Deuteronomy 29.13

Verse Deuteronomy 29.13

13 to confirm you this day as his people, that he may be your God as he promised you and as he swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Verse Deuteronomy 29.13 to Confirm You T

Kyla Casey opinion on Verse Deuteronomy 29.13 to Confirm You T

God made a covenant with the children of Isreal in Moab, this is in addition to the one He made with them on Mount Horeb. This was to cover all the people of Isreal, young, old, male, female, children and even till generations to come. The covenant was national and therefore embraced every element that made Isreal a nation. So the young ones would be represented by their parents or guardians, but every person was bound to God but it.

Moses had given the people the commands, the promises and warnings which God would most definitely act on. Here the formerly made pact is revised and sections added, with Moses as mediator. There are two parties involved, that is God and His people, the Isrealites. The last card of God, which He used to prove Himself to Abraham, which He sealed by oath. Covenant is a relationship in which God makes promises toward man, and requires responses from man. These responses refer to how man lives his life, his relationship with God, obeying and keeping the rules of the pact.

In Deuteronomy 29:13, Moses states God's words to His people, the aim of the covenant which they were to grab in their hearts, eyes and ears. This was an affirmation of the Isrealites as God's people and God as their God. Such a lovely relationship, a superior mighty being claims man for His own, that is love. He carried along a promise He made to Abraham their forefather, to the time of Moses, and He desired to extend His relationship with them forever. This is the purpose, to establish a relationship of love and security for God's people.

So even though their hearts refuse to accept it or their eyes and ears refuse to understand it, the wonderful truth is that God is pursuing a covenant relationship with them. One thing needful to be understood, is that God desires this with each person, apart from the corporate relation. He still desires that today, not only does He deal with families or communities or the church as a body, it goes further to an individually personal relation. God is very gracious, even when He knew that they would not be able to keep their part He still made the pact with them. To make them understand His place in their lives and their place in His hands.

Jehovah has affirmed His love for mankind by involving covenant. Though it seemed impossible to keep, it was to make man's joy complete. He does not desire that man be able to keep to the rules but He has the power to enable them get it right. God desires that His people delight in Him, basking in His glory. He loves his people and has proven this to them by cutting covenant, even as He swore to their forefathers. Let covenant bind us to God, as nothing reflects God's glory on His own like their delight in Him. When man lives by this God is delighted and blessed follow.

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