NIV Deuteronomy 7.21

Verse Deuteronomy 7.21

21 Do not be terrified by them, for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God.

Verse Deuteronomy 7.21 Do Not Be Terrif

Karter Mclain opinion on Verse Deuteronomy 7.21 Do Not Be Terrif

Bible chapters from Old Testament are highly based in Israel on God's chosen people. After exiting Egypt where people of Israel became suffering slaves, God gave Moses commandments that they could follow. In return, God promised to give them their enemies on a silver platter. When it happened, instructions were given to abandon any relationship they had to other nations from promised land. Taking on such large countries like Canaan required great courage which meant beliefs were cemented in God's promises. Previous covenants between forefathers like Abraham were reason enough to make God be patient with sinners.

Abraham was told his offspring would rule nations which happened years later after death. It is through Abraham's faith Israel got this far. People of Israel had witnessed Jehovah grant every prayer made by Moses an answer or miracle. They believed in salvation but were cowards seeking help from idols constructed with gold. It would currently be impossible to get an answer directly from God. Answers are given in different ways or forms: wave of calm after prayer, different life direction or healing of deadly diseases. Either way, prayer is an important tool in a Christian's belief system even if they cannot hear God's voice.

Just like contracts protects parties involved so did the covenant with Almighty. Such documents prevent parties from backing out of a deal or breaching of terms by putting in place several consequences. Most companies have a non-compete agreement where it is illegal to work for competitors or share certain information of said company. In this scenario, God's enemies became Israel's enemies by association. Since God is all knowing, people of Israel had no choice but to obey because nothing would go unnoticed. Cutting all ties can be difficult to do when you live on same land so other nations had to be destroyed.

Treasure was also not allowed to be taken by Israel's children due to its enticing nature considering an idol worshiping past. Being chosen means taking up responsibilities considered to be tough or impossible. Burdened by living a holy life, children of Israel would go back to olden ways which angered God. After Jesus Christ died, Jehovah's grace was released to cover believers even when Almighty's work seems impossible. Many fears exist that could fuel life long anxieties, one of which is heading to hell after death. Believers can rest assured that Jesus Christ will come back for them.

Living up to expectations of parents can be hard not to mention living up to Yahweh's standards. No human being can confidently call themselves righteous drawing importance to Christ's work on earth. Growing as a christian requires acceptance of this fact by relying on Christ to provide grace. However, such great expectations can create a fear of failure which leads to most people giving up on salvation or entirely changing religions. Having a great relationship with God clears all barriers of doubts created from global disapproval of rule following human beings. Religion gave people from Israel hope of a better life after death.

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