NIV Ecclesiastes 11.5

Verse Ecclesiastes 11.5

5 As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed[a] in a mother’s womb,so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.

Verse Ecclesiastes 11.5 As You Do Not Kno

Drayden Grady opinion on Verse Ecclesiastes 11.5 As You Do Not Kno

Have you ever encountered a very bad experience despite your undying faith and love for God?

Do you ever sit down and wonder why the God you serve, in his ultimate power, allows certain bad experiences like terrorism and global pandemics, to happen? Did your thoughts diminish your faith in God? If it did, then the Bible verse and this article is strictly for you.

The Bible verse targets the mysterious nature of the Supreme being that we Christians serve. As we all know, God created the heavens and the earth, the whole universe and it is the most beautiful thing. If you observe however, there are things that God created and there are things that he does that can never be explained.

The way of the Spirit as stated in the verse refers to the restless and Insatiable nature of human beings. A human being is never satisfied, even at the peak of wealth and power, there is always a hunger for something more. Christians believe that God wired humans to be Insatiable and full of distress despite everything, so that they will seek his face from time to time. The way of the spirit can also be referred to as the Soul. Scripture says that after death comes judgment, however, when we die, our bodies decay here on earth and the soul goes up to meet God. When you read the scriptures, you start to wonder what the soul is and how the soul is linked with the physical body. It should be noted that no one, not even the most intelligent man on earth has been able to decipher and critically explain what the soul is.

The Bible verse also talks about the formation of another life or lives in the womb of a woman. Science stresses that pregnancy takes place when a sperm and an egg merge but the scripture stresses that God is the only giver of life. If this were untrue, then scientists would have started inventing human beings long ago. Science says that the bones of a Child is formed in the womb when the pregnant lady eats healthy food and water daily. There is a story however, of a mad woman who gave birth to a child in Nigeria. She did not have time to eat healthy food and she was not drinking clean water but the child came out healthy.

If we begin to analyze and argue about the two instances stated in the Bible, it could take forever and we would still be unable to get to the point of the matter. The scripture tells us that God made all these things to be and the same way we are unable to explain those two happenings is the same way we are unable to decipher the nature of God.

Finally, we are advised to seek the face of God and remain steadfast in our worship even when the world is crumbling before our eyes. We ought to remember that we worship the God of Impossibilities, A God who would make things beautiful in his own way and his own time.

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