NIV Ecclesiastes 4.13

Verse Ecclesiastes 4.13

Advancement Is Meaningless

Verse Ecclesiastes 4.Advancement Is Meani

Ean Pacheco opinion on Verse Ecclesiastes 4.Advancement Is Meani

This verse highlights the importance of wisdom in human life that's why relates that it's better for someone to be poor and wise than to be rich while being stupid. But before one can be wise, it's important to know what really is wisdom. When the bible talks of wisdom it lays emphasis on sound judgement which is based on knowledge and understanding which is applied to solve problems, avoid alert or avert dangers. Wisdom implies little knowledge along with in-depth understanding which is applied to give soundness and clarity of judgement. In human life we need this vital quality 5o successfully do anything right.

Where can wisdom be found? In the absolute sense, wisdom is found in God who the bible refers to as being wise alone. Knowledge is acquaintance with fact since Jehovah is the creator, he knows all there is to know about the universe. That is why humans can depend on him as he is the true source of wisdom. To be truly wise we need to depend on the true source of true wisdom and that only we can get from the his word the bible. The bible contains all the thoughts of God, that are penned down for human benefits.

Acquiring this quality is only true diligent study of God's word, meditation along with practicing what is found in it. That's why it is written that everything found in the bible are written for our benefit and instructions. God is ever willing to give out the quality only if we can dig deep to get them. Digging deep means spending time with effort to read and study it. It's recorded that the book of the law, which is God's law should not depart from our mouth, meaning that it should be found within us to acquire the quality.

God's knowledge should not be mistaken for human knowledge, that is why this scripture makes it clear that it's better for one to be poor and wise than to be stupid along with riches. Meaning that the quality isn't readily found in those who are viewed as being rich in the earth. To acquire this godly quality we need to be humble as only humility can attract one to Jehovah. With humility we dig deep and show the required attitude needed to be wise in God's eyes. When acquired it can save ones life. But there is one encouragement in acquiring it.

Proverbs advised that buy truth itself do not sell it, along with knowledge along with discipline with understanding. God gives this attribute generously to those who sincerely seek it while asking for it in faith. There is every reason to trust him since the quality is seen in everything he does. He knows everything and he alone is wise in the absolute sense. When we acquire the quality then it will be obvious in all aspects of our lives, since it will be revealed in personal conduct and speech, showing that they are being taught by the wisest person in the universe.

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