NIV Ecclesiastes 7.13

Verse Ecclesiastes 7.13

13 Consider what God has done:Who can straighten what he has made crooked?

Verse Ecclesiastes 7.13 Consider What Go

Viktor Wilkes opinion on Verse Ecclesiastes 7.13 Consider What Go

Consider what God has done means that humans should consider what the Lord can do and has done so that they do not waste their energy on things they cannot control. The Lord has a lot of potential and control over humans and they must always remember that any efforts they make to overrule Him is in vain and cannot be successful. It is therefore wise to keep in mind what the Lord is capable of doing before think that you can overtake Him or compete with Him and that is what Solomon is advising the humans to do. There is no need to waste energy over something one well knows that they are completely unable to do.

Who can straighten what the Lord has made crooked is a question that the wise king is asking those who think they are powerful and superior. He wonders if there is anyone capable of undoing what the Lord has done since He is the controller of everything on heavens and earth. A door that He closes, nobody can open it and that He has opened nobody can close. This us because He has power over everything and everyone. Solomon is aware of what God is capable of doing and that is why He tells humans to consider what the Lord can do and that He is creator of all that exists.

Human beings are supposed to know that God is above everything and nothing no matter what it is can be more powerful than the Almighty. The way God operates is only known to Him and is mysterious to any human being and that is why nobody should waste their time trying to solve the mystery of the creator. He is the one who always has the final word and if He has said no to anything, no effort can turn against that. It is therefore crucial to remember that before making any plans, the Lord Is the one who approves and those who are wise are supposed to seek His advice and listen to what He says. They are supposed to obey anything from Him even when it needs them to sacrifice their happiness provided they please the one who is in control of their lives.

All that try to pin others down with no results to their hard work should know that what or whom the Lord blesses, nobody can curse. God's word always comes to pass and the hard work of humans cannot make that go away. Even the evil one in his wicked ways knows that the Lord is powerful and he fears that but is ignorant for he is always ready to tempt what He can do. Christians are supposed to strongly stand against the evil doings of Satan so that they do not drown with him into the eternal fire that burns forever. Humans should therefore give a thought and a deep one to the words of Solomon and first think if they are going against the commands of God to avoid punishment from Him.

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