NIV Ecclesiastes 7.8

Verse Ecclesiastes 7.8

8 The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

Verse Ecclesiastes 7.8 The End Of A Matt

Gillian Hickman opinion on Verse Ecclesiastes 7.8 The End Of A Matt

The end of a matter signifies the completion of something or an event. By saying the end of a matter is better than the beginning, it means more emphasis and importance is put on how the journey is completed. Most people have a really hard and tough beginning and background that seems hopeless and in vain. This can cause you to feel like nobody is there for you or cares about you. The beginning of something new and great always starts with off with uncertainty and a lot of wrong decisions and failures. All these can put a person into depression and disappointment. This verse is telling us that the beginning of the journey doesn't matter as long as we let it not destroy and defeat us.

Once we go through all that, the results are worth the journey. An example of this is that when we work hard for something you need, the process is tough and difficult but the results are sweet and satisfying. God is telling us that no matter how much we feel that we have let him down or fallen from grace, if we repent and come back to him that will be what matters. Everything else that is done in our last will be forgiven if we learn from it and grow as better people.

In the second part of the verse, we are told patience is better than pride. This message humbling yourself and being patient is better than acting with pride. Many are the times where we become impatient and this leads to other bad behaviors. Impatience may lead you to do a lot of things just because you feel you must have something at that given time. It can cause you to steal money, be rude to others, lack compassion and other evil deeds. Having patience on the other hand leads to understanding, empathy and being mindful of other people's feelings and situations.

People without patience are mostly also arrogant and full of pride. Pride, arrogance and being boastful are characteristics that are wrong and evil and we are encouraged that it is better to humble yourself and be patient, instead of resulting to actions of pride and hate.

Many are the times when we are too focused on what we are currently facing and what people will think of us that we become swollen with self righteousness. In order to receive what God has promised us and has set planned aside specifically for each of us, we must learn that every good thing comes from having true faith in him and hope for the future that God has promised. If we do this, we will be rewarded and blessings will be granted to us. Not only this, but we should also be mindful of those who are going through their different journeys, some tougher than others. Showing compassion and love to those who need it and trusting God that we shall all make it in the end together and stronger than we were before the journey.

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