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Verse Esther 2.16

16 She was taken to King Xerxes in the royal residence in the tenth month, the month of Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign.

Verse Esther 2.16 She Was Taken To

Leyna Benton opinion on Verse Esther 2.16 She Was Taken To

From the verse then we see how God is faithful to us as we find that Israel had to go all the way from Egypt to Canaan. As we are told that in Egypt Israelites for them did not have any face to each other this was because of sins that both had coming to commit as from Israel. God was angry with them for not getting to them to hide their faces from coffee as this same happened to Adam. We find that Eve cheated him that God had told them to eat the fruit of holy spirit.

That is why we find that we suffer because of them that both decided not to listen to God. The pain that we undergo in your lives were caused just cause of lack of trust for Adam and Eve. Where both had to bore don't that were used by God to serve them all but we see how Cain was about to kill Abel. The bible tell us that we should not have jealous we see how brother's had to turn to each other. Cain was to kill Abel cause Abel had decided to be favored by God for giving God the best offering.

As from the bible we see that Cain was even mean to God as while giving offer Cain gave the ones that were not strong. We then see how he was not ready to give out the best from him yet God is saying that we as Christian should give God what is good. The bible tell us that we should love each other when we fight others just cause of petty issues then God is not happy as from heaven. We see that God volunteered to go through all sort of pains just because of the love he had toward us.

Then we are such forgetful to thanks God for all the journey may not be easy without God as we need him to protect us. When we walk without God then this journey of life may seem to be long for us to reach to our destiny. But then if we call God to walk with us that's when things will have to be better on your side. Bible verse is showing us how good it's for each to repent and humble before God when we don't as we see how Saul is repenting before God.

He's declaring that he's a sinners before the Israel that's why God bless your day going so far as originally from Saul it shows how we should humble. Accepting what we may have done is another thing that we should all do rather than denying. Saul is accepting that him being as a leader was sinful for Israelites as Saul want God to hear him so that Saul would continue worshiping God. Saul's faith made him to be prosperous in life as of repenting and declaring to the Lord that were all sinners for Israel. This is why we should repent then ask for any forgive from God.

It's is, in fact, the greatest example of friendship in the Hebrew Scriptures. Though Jonathon was to be the heir of king Saul, he saw God’s blessing of David, but was never jealous of that relationship. And David appreciated Jonathon as a loyal friend

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