NIV Exodus 11.4

Verse Exodus 11.4

4 So Moses said, "This is what the Lord says: ‘About midnight I will go throughout Egypt.

Verse Exodus 11.4 So Moses Said,

Marlene Rutledge opinion on Verse Exodus 11.4 So Moses Said,

You will find that Bible say that midnight means the act of not giving the Lord what he/she deserves. We see Moses as a servant can be understood as compassion but compassion itself does not necessitate some sort of action; it is merely a state of the heart. You will find that at midnight then there is compassion in action that is described in these verse.

These Bible verse records the truth about sin we are all guilty of sin; we all do wrong. You can see that Bible’s as overall message is that it is a state of being. Anyone who operates their life apart from God is in mercy so sin is not what we do so much as what we are. Because we are all sinners, we default to doing, thinking then saying things that are sinful. Then we don’t want to often, but we just find ourselves doing things we regret later all the time. We feel ashamed of ourselves, even nominate our actions as ‘unspeakable’.

God, Who created us in the first place, knows your responses better than we do ourselves. When we confront unfaithful to lords presence with decide to agree in lord that what we’ve been doing, thinking and saying is abhorrent, that’s confessing them. God doesn’t find out about them when we confess them he'll always forgive us for unfaithfulness. He’s known them all, all along as his mercy towards us is infinite, but so is His justice. Lord designed a just and merciful plan of salvatio to save us from your unfaithfulness. God knows the remedy for sin is to come back to Him with all your heart, soul, mind strength and love Him first.

Now the list above is much impossible for us to do that’s where God’s mercy comes in! We need help with doing what has to be done in order to live with God as we need to, without sin. Sins comes to us from antecedents as they chose to rebel against God we inherited their rebellion.

Moses leadership on israelites means that your sin, which brings us under sentence of death, is now canceled! The Sinless One has taken sentence of God’s justice is served. We inherited antecedents’ sin, and became subject to death. Now, by believing in Jesus any .sacrificial lamb’, we can participate in substitutionary death and inherit Lords Life.

Because Lord lives, we also shall live and because we may have Lord's life, Lord has sent us Holy Spirit to dwell in your spirits, to help us renew your hearts. Sin, that state of separation from God, no longer has dominion over your hearts, souls, minds or strength. Being unfaithful is much condemned by bible so when we are in prayers. The verse tell us that Lord or merciful forgive all when they cry unto him. For the unfaithful people then you are supposed to ask God to forgive as Lord is merciful God in that he do forgive those that repent to her. Therefore the verse is seeking the unfaithful ones got repent as God is merciful. Lord is not like human being who will always be begged but Lord will have mercy for all

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