NIV Exodus 20.14

Verse Exodus 20.14

14 "You shall not commit adultery.

Verse Exodus 20.14 

Shay Dutton opinion on Verse Exodus 20.14 

This verse talks about the commandments God gave to his people through Moses and they all have to be done and listened to because it is from our Lord and King of all other kings, Alpha and Omega. Our God started off by saying he is the Lord that saved Israel from the slavery and bondage of Egypt, nobody did this but him and he used Moses to help them. He said his people should not create any other thing that is either in heaven or on earth and even under the water. Our God does not want his people to worship any other God aside him for he is a jealous God and can't share his people with anything. This is absolutely accepted because there are certain things that can't be shared even though sharing is good it has limits. A woman will not want to share her man or children with anybody because it has limits and some things are unacceptable.

God said he will punish the generations of people that hate and disobey him. A generational curse is not something that should be joked with because this is really bad so people should try as much as possible to listen to him this won't cost anything. He also said people that abide to his words and listen shall be shown massive love this is why obedience is good not only for the reward but also the fulfillment. Our father said we should not call his name in vain because this is very wrong, though many do this without even knowing but this should be completely stopped because it is against the will of God. Anything that is not in the way of God should not be done because he is the only one that knows the way and light and we all should follow him.

Sabbath day must be kept holy, after working for six days we should try as much as possible to always keep the sabbath day holy by leaving the day for our God. He worked hard for six days and rested for a day, only he can do it so we must honor him. Our Father wants us to honor our mother and father so we can live long, even without being told it is compulsory we honor both because we came to this world through them. The Lord does not want us to kill or have the blood of anyone in our hands, honestly killing must be avoided. There is a rule done by earthly leaders to kill anyone found in the act and rules states anyone that kills will be killed.

He said adultery must be avoided, sleeping with another man's wife or husband is very disgusting. On the day of wedding both husband and wife take a vow in the presence of God, his priest and the holy bible this shows it is a big sealed promise. Which states both parties must love each other till the end of time and cheating is not a sign of love.

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