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Verse Exodus 2.2

2 and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. When she saw that he was a fine child, she hid him for three months.

Verse Exodus 2.2 and She Became Pr

Drayden Grady opinion on Verse Exodus 2.2 and She Became Pr

Sarah was wife to Abraham we see how servant of g Abraham to believe that Sarah's baby was a blessing from God. As we're told from Exodus is that Abraham had resisted to Sarah's being pregnant but then God had to make Abraham believe that it was through holy spirit that Sarah was pregnant. They gave birth to a baby boy Moses it was during Passover that Moses was born. And since he was the first born in that family that why Moses mother wouldn't want to lose her son. As we see from the verse that Moses was hidden for three months. If we then read in Exodus during Passover male firstborn were killed then it was better for Moses to be shared.


Hannah gave birth due to faith as she always prayed to God for him to be blessed with a son. Then we see from the verse then we see how blessings were upon Hannah that God gave her son. That was made to serve Christ as it was a covenant made to God by Hannah. From the verse we may make options or promise to godlike Hannah while laying for a child God want us to be careful. We are told God make you to have children so women wombs are blessed by God.

Those that need to give birth then God want us to pray him that we may get to give birth. As We see that prayers that are prayed for long God will answer them even if it may take long for God's to answer them. We learn that even Sarah became pregnant through the holy spirit that she bore Abraham a child. It was the favor of God that women will always

Being born in a family that had to bore a child then we see it as a blessing to all those that give birth. This is a vey different scenario than what you may be referring to, but we may be used to serve in an orphanage for disabled individuals in Mexico. About once every other year one of the kids would pass away due to complications. There were some that suffered so much in this life that we felt relief and peace for them when they passed away. What was troubling was when some them who we thought were strong, with healthy in general, were going to outlive us passed away with.

The aim is to provide the land that was taken to agree the verse we are told to take all things to be serious. This is why we are to take care of all what is written by the bible as we take things. As we see from the verse then all is to be done by those that will have to trust God in their ways for them to be blessed. God is about to bring you from down to up as you still have time to talk to him as Savior Christ who will never leave you. Moses life was then saved by king's daughter who was in the river then saw a baby boy hidden in the river but put in a basket wrapped were well for protection against any danger.

People who don't know the Bible tend to think certain verses exist, when in fact they don't. Spare the rod and spoil the child is one such verse which is often cited as justification for corporal punishment, including spanking. It's not even a Biblical principle.

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