NIV Exodus 29.14

Verse Exodus 29.14

14 But burn the bull’s flesh and its hide and its intestines outside the camp. It is a sin offering.[b]

Verse Exodus 29.14 But Burn The Bul

Zaniyah Ingram opinion on Verse Exodus 29.14 But Burn The Bul

My God is a supreme God who is above all other gods who are not jealous in all ways. God is the creator of the whole universe, he created Eve, Adam, including all the animals in the universe. Lord created Adam to take care of His creation with Eve as a helper. Almighty God is a wonderful God He made heaven, the earth with amazing love. Lord expects us human beings to respect and obey him by reading commandments for the human to follow. There are ten commandments in total, God wants us to follow them religiously.

In the ten commandments, God wants us to love our neighbors unconditionally. To obey parents and honor them in all possible ways. Man sinned against God, this made Him sacrifice Jesus the only son to come who die for all the human being. This is a clear show of pure and true love that God loves us with. A true sign of true, magnificent love that God holds in regard to us. God wrote the bible for us to get guidance or knowledge about what He expects of us. Lord God expected sacrifices on the altar from his holy men who lived according to His word.

Aaron was one of the holy men whom God trusted so much, Aaron was a true servant of God. There were other men of God whom He trusted Moses to lead or to guide his beloved children to the land of slavery. Such men were Isaac, Joshua, Job, Jacob plus Moses. Moses was asked by God to lead the children of Israel from the land of Egypt. God entrusted Moses with the lives of the Israelites because he was an obedient and careful man.

Many sacrifices were made towards God by the righteous men, they could slaughter animals to honor their God. God ordered Aaron and sons to lay their hand on the ram, the ram was sacrificial which men of God were to sacrifice for their Almighty God Lord ordered them to burn hide, dung together with the flesh of the bull outside the camp. In verse 13 God ordered them to burn on the alter the liver and both kidneys. This was an ordinary thing for them, it was not an unusual thing to do.

These men of God loved to sacrifice many times for Him to make Him happy. They believed that when God is angry with them, a bad curse could befall them with their offsprings. This made sure that everything was in order and God was always happy. Other sacrifices were made to please God to send rain during the dry seasons.

They relied on rainfall to do a lot more, rainwater was their major source of water. Rainwater was mainly used for cattle rearing and for agricultural uses. Water was also crucial for household chores like cooking and drinking. The other major sources of water were rivers, dam plus wells. They believed rainwater was pure, with no dirt or impurities, it was highly valued.

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