NIV Exodus 40.32

Verse Exodus 40.32

32 They washed whenever they entered the tent of meeting or approached the altar, as the Lord commanded Moses.

Verse Exodus 40.32 They Washed When

Lazaro Lin opinion on Verse Exodus 40.32 They Washed When

It is very necessary for one to dress appropriately to attend a program of high repute. While working as a reporter for a national newspaper in Nigeria, I was invited to attend a program at the Presidency. This was the best invitation I had gotten in my career, going into the Presidential villa to report was a dream come true for me.

I was very excited and I announced it to all my colleagues to watch-out for the program on the national television. For us to be accepted into the venue, all the reporters are expected to dress in a particular way. I had to select my most beautiful dress, cleaned it up and looked for my best shoe in preparation for the event. I made a new hair style and got my identification for the event and I was eventually accepted into the Presidential villa.

Just like we make appropriate preparation for casual occasions, it is also very important for us to approach God with a pleasant garment. We cannot come before him with filthy garments because God does not dwell in a dirty environment.

When we are going to meet God in the temple, we should clean our hearts and mind. God is please when His people live in holiness and righteousness. The temple of the Most High is filled with His awesome presence; therefore we must avoid things that defile us before God.

It is unfortunate that nowadays, Christians do not respect the presence of God. If you visit many churches or holy places, you would find out that these places have been desecrated by the very people who have been called to lead the congregation. Men and women called to the divine service of God must pay attention to the manner in which they prepare and share the word of God to their members.

Most churches have been converted to a marketplace with all kinds of activities going on. People come to church to sell the gospel and convince others to buy their messages on opulence. The luxurious lifestyles of some of the leaders in church are a major distraction to those who come to the house of God for worship. Many women have been raped while they were in a counselling session in church, others have been robbed when they visited the temple to pray.

There are many illegal activities now go on in the church with preachers spearheading them. How can you explain the fact a preacher will kill a child and bury the dead in the foundation of the building they now call a church. They are members of the occult, destroying people at night and pretending to stand for God in the open. Preachers who took the vows of chastity and poverty now amass wealth for their selfish gains.

The question is, how clean are we when we come before God? Are we prepared to welcome him in our homes? How do we dress to visit the house of God? We must give reverence to God because He is holy and wants us to do our best to imitate Him.

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