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Verse Exodus 4.14

14 Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses and he said, "What about your brother, Aaron the Levite? I know he can speak well. He is already on his way to meet you, and he will be glad to see you.

Verse Exodus 4.14 Then The Lord’

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Exodus 4:14

Chapter 4 of exodus the beginning of the work of God as he strives to free the Israelites from life of suffering in the Egyptians hands. God hears the cry of the Israelites and come to aid by using a servant Moses. This is the beginning of the relationship the between God and the son in law of Jethro, Moses. God appears to Moses on a burning bush to send him to Egypt to relieve his people from suffering. Moses is a little resistant about this because he lacked confidence to present himself before Pharaoh. God however, provides Moses with the power to perform miracles to Pharaoh in the name of God.

This verse, is a conversation between God and Moses about Aaron, this shows that God had accepted Aaron to be part of journey. It also shows God's attribute of being omniscient, he knew everything about Moses before approaching him. Moses had a problem in speaking and in the verse God refers to Aaron as a good speaker and that he will be able to translate God's words to the Egyptians. He is also omniscient because he knows of Aaron's state and where he is and his current deeds, which states him as a God of all knowledge and that he is an omnipresent God too.

The verse also shows that God was being choosy, he did not want to speak to anyone else expect Moses. He knew that Aaron was in his way but still insisted that Moses is the one to take his words to Egypt. God was being particular in who he wished to speak his word to, he was being specific about Moses. It's even shown that God wanted Aaron to help Moses speak, for Moses to tell Aaron the words of God and he speaks them out. I mean, why not just speak directly to Aaron and have him translate the words because he was already a better speaker and an Israelite too.

This verse also showed God's love towards Moses, sure it says he bursted out in anger but this was because he loved Moses and wanted to give him a bigger purpose. He knew Moses was a bad speaker yet he wanted him to do the task, so he even made it easier for Moses by providing him with a helper through Aaron. It is evident that God got mad at Moses for resisting God's work to him, He did not wish to take no for an answer. He even provides ways that Moses will find an easier path to take.

"Then the Lord's anger burned against Moses," this sentence meant that God does not accept reject from his people. It filled him with outrageous anger when Moses was looking for excuses to withdraw himself. He is a straight God, and expects loyalty and all his followers to listen to him without question. This teaches us of be more attentive to God and not to question his decision, God wants that we should recognize and trust him, for he will be around to protect us.

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