NIV Exodus 7.6

Verse Exodus 7.6

13 Yet Pharaoh’s heart became hard and he would not listen to them, just as the Lord had said.

Verse Exodus 7.13 Yet Pharaoh’s

Addalyn Sumner opinion on Verse Exodus 7.13 Yet Pharaoh’s

This is a significant historical event about slavery and freedom, and the interventions of divine authority as it was recorded in the scripture. During this time, the people of Israel were in Egypt and they faced hardship from pharaoh. The Israelite were oppressed by the Egyptians and they were under Pharaoh's captivity, and he was determined not to let them go.

Moses and his brother Aaron were servants of God, they were the ones who went to speak on behalf of the people as commanded by God and he was with them. They carried the message of the most high God to Pharaoh to free the his people from Egypt. The Israelite were called the people of God and that fact was glaring when the Lord appeared to Moses and told him he has heard the groans of the people.

He told him he is aware of his covenant with them, and he will rescue them from the wrath of Egypt and free them from slavery. Then he made it known to him that Pharaoh will refuse to listen and will not adhere to his commands to let the people go and he will bring down his fist on Egypt.

Several attempts had been made and the display of power by miraculous signs still wasn't enough for Pharaoh to believe their God was able to rescue them from him. So he became even more cruel to the Israelite durning this period.

In the beginning of Genesis chapter 7, the Lord told Moses in verse 3-4 he will make Pharaoh's heart stubborn so he can multiply his miraculous signs and wonders.

Egypt was a powerful country and Pharaoh wasn't ready to let his guard down or succumb to any other power.Pharaoh was determined and strong hearted just as the Lord said and this made it very crucial because the freedom of God's people depended on a ruler who is stubborn.

God's unfailing love for his people will not cease, even though it meant hardening Pharaoh's heart to display his mighty power. He will bring an act of judgement upon Egypt to fulfil his promise and to remember his covenant and reaffirm it.

Obviously this led to series of events in the land of Egypt, from a plague of locusts, to a plague of blood, etcetera. It also caused the destruction of the Egyptian army at the red Sea including their chariots and charioteers. This also led to the glorious moment for the Israelite as their hope of being delivered from the hands of their oppressors wasn't shattered.

God Almighty did great wonders and displayed his divinity on Earth as the people of Israel were taught to fear the Lord and the Egyptians learnt to fear him. The God of Israel who was in charge and control of their Exodus.

He made it known that he will redeem them with his powerful arm of judgement and he will claim them as his people and be their God. God eventually rescued them from the wrath of Egypt and freed them from slavery.

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