NIV Exodus 9.1

Verse Exodus 9.1

9 Then the Lord said to Moses, "Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, says: "Let my people go, so that they may worship me."

Verse Exodus 9.9 Then The Lord Sai

Teagan Sampson opinion on Verse Exodus 9.9 Then The Lord Sai

Moses as the servant of God was always sent out to relay the message to either God's people or to the leader of Egyptians. At this time, the Lord had sent him to Pharaoh to tell him to allow the children of God go and worship the Almighty. Pharaoh had refused to let go of the children of Israel even after the Lord sent some plagues to punish the Egyptians for withholding the Israelite's. The adamant nature of the Egyptian leader had angered the Lord and He continued sending Moses to him to see if he may free the Israelite's to go to their homeland.

By sending Moses to relay the message to Pharaoh shows that even if Moses was a stammerer, he was a good in communicating. Almighty had identified that and it became a reason for Him sending Moses for he could simply the information that he was given. In this he made sure that both parties understood whatever was at hand through him and he was a great mediator. At any time their was a problem between the parties, he would try to make peace for he did that on several occasions to restore the relationship between the Lord and the Egyptians by asking for forgiveness on their behalf.

The Lord is depicted to be loving for He had great love for the people of Israel which made Him sent Moses. Were it not for His love for them, the Lord could not have bothered for He ensured that they were rescued from the bondage in Egypt. The most high never wanted them to be harmed by their tormentors and for that He had to punish those who were tormenting them. This shows the great love that the Almighty God had for His children for He wanted them to be rescued from slavery so as they may go and worship Him.

Israelite's are the chosen children of God for He identified them among many nations and at all times cared for them. There were several nations on the face of the earth but we identify that the Lord had much affection for the Israelite's. During the plagues in Egypt, the plagues mostly affected the the people of Egypt not a single person from Israel was affected. With this it is evident that the Almighty chose the Israelite's and He was ready to protect them at all times from anyone who tries to cross their path.

It is clear that the most high God punished those who do not follow whatever He had commanded should be followed. Being the mes sanger of God, Moses had been sent earlier to Pharaoh to tell him to allow the children of God to go back to their homeland. Egyptian leader did not heed to what Moses had told him before hence some plagues befell the land of Egypt. With the nature of Pharaoh, the people under him will suffer for he never cared about them he only minded about his well-being and for that reason did not want to allow his slaves to leave his country.

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