NIV Ezekiel 16.28

Verse Ezekiel 16.28

28 You engaged in prostitution with the Assyrians too, because you were insatiable; and even after that, you still were not satisfied.

Verse Ezekiel 16.28 You Engaged In P

Rowdy Luna opinion on Verse Ezekiel 16.28 You Engaged In P

The neighbor’s impact on the choices that Israelites make can never be down played, they are so influenced even at the least attempt made by these people. They are very shaky in their choices, they might have made decisions not to go back to do those evil they initially performed, but they can’t just help themselves. This text explained those usual act or sin they have committed with Assyrians, and shows their adventures and the outcome of this unprofitable relations. If they try to take after what a different country is doing, they themselves become the loser at the end of the day because they get the greater blame.

This Assyrian’s relation is not the first of their ill relation with anyone, they have been document or their history were told about how they liaised with many countries unfairly. They fornicate with them obviously like they had always done, while there is a strange thing about it, which is that, there were still not satisfied. This satisfaction that they lacked from fornication is just a confirmation of what happens to someone who search for what is forbidden to him or her. Getting their hands and mind to fornicate especially with a dirty country is very bad and this actually disappoints them as a special nation that they are. However, the endpoint or final result of these people who fornicated is that, they never at a point become satisfied, they are always thirsty of this urge.

The thirst of urge to fornicate more is the punishment that they will always face and this will only lead them into more troubles and more regret. Godly people are given certain allowance or are expected to have more sense of being responsible, they should not just do similar things to someone that is not godly. Their defense line for going into these act was dissatisfaction, it’s actually a wrong reason for acting at all, nobody should do anything because of something like this. The dissatisfaction that lead to fornication, was a big issue for them, and they were too weak in mind to combat and stop this. Even though they aimed to fulfil this unstoppable urge and hope to enjoy themselves, but this was not the case, they were not satisfied to any extent.

The urge or dissatisfaction did not stop at any point, rather this phenomenon began to get more serious and they could not help themselves at this point. This Jews and Assyrian illustration of sinful act is similar to what happens to Christian at the point when they decided to start to sin. A Christian who made an intention to start to sin without any strong push from someone, is indeed at full blame for his or actions. People might be in serious and unexplainable sinful act at some point in time and this might be because of their initial mindset to want something like this. That is why people like us must learn to control two major things which are our mind and our urges, at every time.

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