NIV Ezekiel 18.31

Verse Ezekiel 18.31

31 Rid yourselves of all the offenses you have committed, and get a new heart and a new spirit. Why will you die, people of Israel?

Verse Ezekiel 18.31 Rid Yourselves O

Billy Jaramillo opinion on Verse Ezekiel 18.31 Rid Yourselves O

Chapter 18 of the book of Ezekiel contains God’s message to the people of Israel. Most of them had turned away from God’s words and did things that displeased him. Therefore, he wanted them to know of his desires, what pleased him and what he wished the people of Israel could do. In verse 31, it’s a warning from God to the people of Israel.

Ezekiel chapter 18 verse 31 God asks them to rid themselves of all the offenses that they had done. This means that they had done things that were far from God’s ways. They had disregarded the teachings given to them by the prophets of God and did their things, disobeying the commandments of God. It shows that God was angry with them and very disappointed in what they had done. He asked them to turn away from their wrong ways because they showed high disobedience. This is a warning to Christians to always strive to turn away from evil things.

The verse states that God needed the Israelites to a get new heart. This shows that their hearts had been tarnished by their sins and weren’t as pure as the Lord needed to him. Their hearts were full of things that weren’t right which may have included: jealousy, hatred, disrespect, and many others that displeased the Lord.

It continues to say that they should change their spirit. This means that the spirit of the people of Israel weren’t on the right path of righteousness. They had not let the Holy Spirit guide them and had let evil be part of their spirits. Hence, the spirit of almost every Israelite wasn’t the pure ones that God needed and loved.

Asking the Israelites to renew their hearts and spirits means that there is always a second chance to get a new heart. It means that if they could stop sinning and seek God, their hearts would be renewed. They could have a chance to please God again and be the persons he had chosen to be his. This depicts God as one who is forgiving, he can forgive anyone who turns back to him. It means he is the Lord of second chances or more and if you sin against him, you can always get back to him by repenting. Therefore, it teaches Christians to always return to Him when they do things that displease him.

God also asks them why they would want to die for what they had done could lead to death. This shows the consequences of doing against God is great. It meant that if they continue doing what was evil, disobeying God and his people, they would suffer a great consequence. The verse also shows that God judges’ people according to their actions and punishes them accordingly. His wrath against those who disobey him is worse than anything. This warns Christians against doing anything that displeases God for they will be punished if they do so.

Such a verse warns people and at the same time gives them hope of being renewed. It teaches Christians to try as much as possible to turn away from people but in case they slip, it is important to ask God for forgiveness. There is always hope for anyone who seeks God, no matter how sinful they have been.

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