NIV Ezekiel 27.16

Verse Ezekiel 27.16

16 "‘Aram[d] did business with you because of your many products; they exchanged turquoise, purple fabric, embroidered work, fine linen, coral and rubies for your merchandise.

Verse Ezekiel 27.16 

Shanaya Cunningham opinion on Verse Ezekiel 27.16 

This passage talks about a country of beauty, riches with lots of natural resources, it is about a country named Tyre. God sent a messenger to them to tell them that he has made their land good in order for them to be glorified through Jehovah. Tyre had abundance of beautiful things ranging from olives, gold, wood, cedar, with many other precious things. Because Tyra had lots of resources, it made different countries want to do business with them. Facts that they had a lord that is mighty also made the countries want to do business with them. Just the way Jehovah blessed Jacob , Israel with the rest, he blessed this nation abundantly with his grace.

God whose name is love, showed them the abundance of his loving kindness. Tyra is also known as Tyrus, it was known as a land filled with so many riches. According to the Bible, Tyra was described as a land in which border were in the midst of seas and builders of the city perfected the beauty. One of the countries that had business to do with Tyre were ancients of Gebal, which had business with their ships. Persia were said to have been their army for war. Men of Arvad were known to have guarded the walls of the city, their shield made Tyra’s beauty perfect.

Tarshish is a name of the country that had a business with Tyre through the purchase of silver, iron, tin with lead. They made lots of profits through this business, for God himself was known as maker of all natural resources. Javen along side Tubal and Meshech are countries which traded vessels of brass from Tyrus. Vessels of brass were used to store a lot of things ranging from olive oil to fine wine. Households from Togarmah came to buy resources with lots of horses and mules as a source of man power, animals were used as transportation as the goods were so heavy for an average man to carry on his own.

Dedan were merchants of Tyrus, tons of ivory, ebony were purchased from the land of large commerce. Syria was a merchant which dealt with purchasing beautiful emeralds, linen, embroidered work, coral. Judah is known as the land of Isael, they traded with wheat, honey, oil, balm. These commodities were very essential to have in an average home, this made Judah have a lot of profit from the market. Damascus were into wares making, they made clothing and nice apparels to be worn. This country had business with Tyra, land of riches, to provide them with white and durable wool for their textiles.

Sheba bought spices for food, precious expensive stones, with pure gold mined by their inhabitants. Eden, seeing the durability, texture, quality of clothes bought from Tyrus decided to purchase blue clothes, embroidered works, chests of rich apparel that were bound in cord, made of cedar. This country was a very rich one, unfortunately they fell into sin and forgot Jehovah’s commandments. God then put a judgement upon all the princes of the land.

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