NIV Ezekiel 40.19

Verse Ezekiel 40.19

19 Then he measured the distance from the inside of the lower gateway to the outside of the inner court; it was a hundred cubits[l] on the east side as well as on the north.

Verse Ezekiel 40.19 Then He Measured

Shay Dutton opinion on Verse Ezekiel 40.19 Then He Measured

Prayer is the key to reconnecting with this life it awakens us to what’s already here, always has been, and always will be. Which was quite a possible one we like to touch on the times when no amount of resolve, positivity self improvement, will help. To encourage yourself with this truth today, read the verses as it describes nations beating their swords into plows, living securely, and worshiping the Lord Rejoice that His peace is coming soon.

Teaches us first or last freedom It’s the freedom you were born from the freedom you can return to. When you give up all the concepts, stories, limiting beliefs, and constricting attachments, you’ll be free to live the life you were born to enjoy.

Of course, we cannot create silence, one can only create noise most of us are pretty good at that. However, when you allow noise to settle, silence that’s always there, reveals itself. If we Collapse into silence reason we speak at all is for the benefit of those who don’t understand the message in the silence. We all good to ourselves, Lord Love's that He will always be by side protect us in every thing we do.

The universe is going to throw hardship at you, and sometimes you will not be able to dodge them. Unfortunate, tragic and stressful things are a fact of life. You’re going to experience loss, embarrassment, pain, fear, heartbreak, rage and all the colors of the negativity rainbow. It’s important to remember in these times that negativity is appropriate, expected and healthy all you’ll be able to do is feel it.

There we should expect best, but prepare for the worst let's Live our lives to the fullest let's appreciate what we all have now helps immensely with this. It could all change tomorrow, if you do not brace yourself, that could knock you off your feet. How can you do this By strengthening your mindset so that it doesn’t fail you when the world does. This is doing less to accomplish more and doing nothing to have the potential for everything. When you are doing nothing, you are praying There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, just listen to the wisdom within the silence.

We should not wait for life to turn itself upside down then shrug because there is nothing else we all can do in that moment. Brace yourself. Learn to feel negativity in a way that is natural healthy. Put an emergency plan in place, make sure that all of us have people even anonymous strangers on that we all can turn to when we need someone to help us through the darkness. But also learn to embrace the darkness It’s as natural as the day and if resisted it will weigh yourself down with unnecessary suffering.

As we know, when Christ returns He will bring peace He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth he breaks the bow and shatters the spear, he burns the shields with fire He is the ultimate Peacemaker.

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