NIV Ezekiel 44.1

Verse Ezekiel 44.1

44 Then the man brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary, the one facing east, and it was shut.

Verse Ezekiel 44.44 Then The Man Bro

Ireland Vela opinion on Verse Ezekiel 44.44 Then The Man Bro

God sword is now down that is what the Lord is saying that because Judah is not ready to repent God was angry with them. When we look upon the verse we are told that God will have no mercy even God will not spare the infants. We all know that an infant is a child that doesn't know what is good for God just because of being small. But then God is saying that even that little infant will not be spared. This means that God has been provoked many are the times we make God unhappy such that he proclaim such words of wrath to us. Harming as small infant that doesn't know what is right or wrong is totally a shake.

And that is shame to us for our sins are the ones making the kids to be affected. Then God is saying that he's merciful but then God is tired of reminding us that we are sinners. His wrath will now be on those that are doing evil as from the verse Judah would not be forgiven because it was provoking the wrath of God. Now that Judah has made it's people to be punished then little kids will not be saved too.

This is a warning to any other city like Judah then God want you to know that he's the maker of everything. While doing things as parents it's a moral lesson you learn from the verse that your kid may get a curse from God cause you are neglecting God's will. Mercy comes from that place from which we are born, from the tender love of a mother. That kind of love, compassion comes only cause we may have a connection life. You find that it has nothing to do with what we do and it has no justification. It comes from within us. No one "deserves" mercy, but we owe it to ourselves to grant it.

To be merciful is to remember the source of your life and to recognize that we did nothing to deserve it. The punishment for breaking any of God's commands is death. Then if God is Justice, why do people go to Heaven? The answer is, God is Gracious. Grace is the mercy God has upon others who do not deserve mercy or kindness. Since all of mankind is born with thoughts which deviate from the Love of God, everyone deserves what happens when we wander away from God. Hell is part of God's Justice and it is a separation from the Love of God.

How does one escape judgement for even the slightest deviation from the Love of God? Well, Love itself. That comes in the form of the Son of God, Jesus, who obeyed God perfectly and yet received the punishment of sin on behalf of the sinner. This is Love when one sacrifices himself in order to save others. It's God the Father who chooses who He will have mercy upon and bestow the work of Christ as a substitute on their behalf.

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